Lap sap post

another random pic post from baby i..
#1: stripe crop top from Cotton On..for RM29 plus 1 jean RM29 another top RM25 and and 2 short for RM50!! i love Cotton On crazy sales..
#2: Dim sum at Ah Xian Dim Sum..another good places for breakfast..i love the “Golden Sand Pau”!
#3: My and ney favourite Choco brownies, Thai Seafood linguine, Choc Mashmaro chesse cake at so hungry now!!
#4: Korea lunch box at Korea Street Cafe, SS15..
#5: some random stuff i did for company..
#6: Ayam petyet at The curve..
Arh all are food..and im waiting for my dinner now..*hungry*

and some random outfit i take with the phone
Top: Hang me up
Bow short: Bubble random, Sungai wang
Bow top: Old Blossom Box
Black Skinny & rubi shoe

oh ya we the cell group are attending singing was so much fun!!
i never expect singing can be that serious and so much to learn..
cant wait for next lesson already..
and and
i’m gonna be baptist 2 week after! Thanks God ..Finally..
i hope my family will be there to witness this significant moment for me
Pray pray pray…

Working life pass so fast.. i’ve been working for 1 year!
so fast can.. 1 year already…
learn lotsa things from work, met awesome people..
i hope i grow up abit..

i’m truly blessed..
same to you..:D

65 thoughts on “Lap sap post

  1. yer~ make me hungry liao!haha so many nice food! so enjoy your life hor you. wei more outfit picture lar! long time din do reference from you already


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