My grass…

is about my hair = grass..coz its so so dry and frizzy
but im not goi to trim or cut it or visit salon anytime in this half year!
coz i wanna keep it long..
got lotsa ppl asking how can my hair curl in
this is what i normally do before i go out
after wash and dry it ill put curler for like 15 minutes
i prefer this kinda curler than electric hot curler
coz it look more natural and won’t hurt my hair
but but but ill still go for hot curler just once at the end to set the curl
the result right after curl
my hair is this long already! *pat self*
random me ,seldom being this casual huh…

Discovered lotsa secondary school friends are Married!
of coz those are distant friends that’s why im not invited to their wedding dinner
hahha. some are even have kids already!!! happy for them *Congrats*
enjoy viewing their wedding and baby photo
they already capai my cita-cita!im still stuck with working life!!
recently i keep telling my friends that
“cita-cita saya ialah menjadi rumah tangga yang berjaya!”
hahha..anyway i love attending Wedding Dinner!
this year i got only 1 to attend! so sad some more its on long..cant wait!
whoever wanna get marry..please please invite me..hahha
im so siao with wedding stuff.. photos, wedding dress, ceremony!
i can b a wedding planner or anything related!!!

15 thoughts on “My grass…

  1. Bee: for the curler big one from etude de..that one oso drop easily but after u put right amount of hair then would drop d.. while for the small one from daiso! 12 or 6 i forget d..for RM5 only..:D


  2. Thanks for letting us know Kim 🙂 was looking for the curler too,coz my curl hair almost become straight dy. 😦 Sunway pyramid got Daiso ?
    by the way, i have the same cita-cita with u. haha, my friend always say i very desperate *lolz* and my darl say i'm owes propose to him. *shy shy shy* update more k ? really like to read yr blog !


  3. erm.. hi , i cant find ur chating box le.. isn u close it? as u say , after ur hair dry , den direct put curler ,den ok le?? the curler cn buy in anywher? after apply the curler not nit use any gel or wat?

    mind teach? thanks


  4. Carrie: Thanks dear! u're gorgeous bride!hehhe

    Ketty: thanks ketty! Sunway dun have wo..i know IOI, 1u and sungai wang got only.. hahha seriously? same cita!! gimme 5!! haha me too always doi proposal..hhaha
    okok will try my best to update more..but my life is really boring ler..

    Sharon: yeah 5! hahha really.. but sometimes its really hard to curl the fringe coz cannot put too long if not too curl for fringe d..sad..

    anonymous: hello dear.. ya i close it d..hehe ya
    the steps is = wash- dry with hair dryer and round comb- then put curler for 15 to 30 min- then hot curler to set the style

    curler i buy from daiso and etude house de.. i din apply gel coz my hair is dry enuf to hold curl..hehe.. but u can apply styling gel after u take off the curler
    ill do a complete tutorial sooner k..:D


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