baby is ♥

major love!
kim10_36 kim10_40

kim10_39 kim10_38
so many baby in my cell group
all this pictures take when cny house visiting!
so cute!
i cant resist baby from 6 months to 4 years old
haha that’s the cutest moments of a child *for me*
so cute kan!!!
pretty mummy, im hired to be the baby sister when they are away!
cant wait already!
me forcing her to take pic with me!
hehe not forgeting the outfit
Top: ugly duckling, legging: Taiwan, Shoe: Vincci

get to know lotsa people these few weeks!
enjoy meeting people…
been praying to God for my personality! i wan to be more warm inner and outer!
i remember i used to describe as cold, cool and hard to approach few years back
God change me! indeed he warm my heart! hehe
Praise God!

i ♥ kids

counting down 2 more days! sun, beach, sea im coming!

oh ya my superior decide to confirm me already! rather than 6 months she make it 3 n half!its kinda mixed feeling dunno why..confirm mean commit! should i sign or not..*Praying hard*

*im so random today~

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