Lap sap post

another random pic post from baby i..
#1: stripe crop top from Cotton On..for RM29 plus 1 jean RM29 another top RM25 and and 2 short for RM50!! i love Cotton On crazy sales..
#2: Dim sum at Ah Xian Dim Sum..another good places for breakfast..i love the “Golden Sand Pau”!
#3: My and ney favourite Choco brownies, Thai Seafood linguine, Choc Mashmaro chesse cake at so hungry now!!
#4: Korea lunch box at Korea Street Cafe, SS15..
#5: some random stuff i did for company..
#6: Ayam petyet at The curve..
Arh all are food..and im waiting for my dinner now..*hungry*

and some random outfit i take with the phone
Top: Hang me up
Bow short: Bubble random, Sungai wang
Bow top: Old Blossom Box
Black Skinny & rubi shoe

oh ya we the cell group are attending singing was so much fun!!
i never expect singing can be that serious and so much to learn..
cant wait for next lesson already..
and and
i’m gonna be baptist 2 week after! Thanks God ..Finally..
i hope my family will be there to witness this significant moment for me
Pray pray pray…

Working life pass so fast.. i’ve been working for 1 year!
so fast can.. 1 year already…
learn lotsa things from work, met awesome people..
i hope i grow up abit..

i’m truly blessed..
same to you..:D

My grass…

is about my hair = grass..coz its so so dry and frizzy
but im not goi to trim or cut it or visit salon anytime in this half year!
coz i wanna keep it long..
got lotsa ppl asking how can my hair curl in
this is what i normally do before i go out
after wash and dry it ill put curler for like 15 minutes
i prefer this kinda curler than electric hot curler
coz it look more natural and won’t hurt my hair
but but but ill still go for hot curler just once at the end to set the curl
the result right after curl
my hair is this long already! *pat self*
random me ,seldom being this casual huh…

Discovered lotsa secondary school friends are Married!
of coz those are distant friends that’s why im not invited to their wedding dinner
hahha. some are even have kids already!!! happy for them *Congrats*
enjoy viewing their wedding and baby photo
they already capai my cita-cita!im still stuck with working life!!
recently i keep telling my friends that
“cita-cita saya ialah menjadi rumah tangga yang berjaya!”
hahha..anyway i love attending Wedding Dinner!
this year i got only 1 to attend! so sad some more its on long..cant wait!
whoever wanna get marry..please please invite me..hahha
im so siao with wedding stuff.. photos, wedding dress, ceremony!
i can b a wedding planner or anything related!!!

Langkawi ’10s

Hello people..sorry mia again!
just lazy feeling unwell recently kept have headache and tired although i sleep at 10pm every night! What happen to me???
anyway today gonna blog about my langkawi trip!
its my 4th time visit the island but not bored at all…
my first trip in 2010, 10 awesome people and 10 awesome things!hahha
i always always love trips with friends!!!
2 batch of us reaching the island in different timing
5 of us the early bird!
we booked a service apartment with 2 room, kitchen and living room
1st day we go for island hopping.. eagle “feeding”, beras basah island, the pregnant island, dayang bunding island
and Langkawi cable car (awesome place!) in the evening
the 2nd day we went snorkeling at Pulau Payar
me and song having secret training there!hahhaa
enjoy the trip with her! talking crap and devotion in the morning…
with ney ney hehe..
have seafood dinner at “Wonderland”
a famous tourist restaurant…
and me at dayang bunding island
prefect place for photo session
but it was too hot everyone are hiding under the shade
me with some random ugly construction site
im a cotton on girl! everything on me are from cotton on!
i really wish supre will be here in M’sia! i love their stuff!!!!

okie, that’s all..
my blog is so boring these day..haih
bear with me..