Photo do the talking..

Back to rushing with company catalog design and lotsa poster thingy
cant wait to c the real outcome!
next week gonna have short trip with some ccf’er to Langkawi
i miss trip with them! its really hard to have vacation together since some of us already start working..timing is really important
that’s why when they ask people to join without thinking i say yes..see how desperate is me
anyway picture of valentine dinner at delicious
me and ney are craving of their pasta
Delicious, jalan tun razak
the happy me..
ney deciding what to order
not very nice thai style seafood salad
Crab meat Linguine
Peach pie with vanilla ice -cream
iyhcee bla bla
since both of us are not bit eater so 1 starter, 1 main course, 1dessert, 1 drink is just nice for us..
in fact bit full d
the happy us..hehe
and more


another lovely back dress..
Heart-back retro dress & belt: ugly duckling
and a good movie to end the day..

Take care people..

7 thoughts on “Photo do the talking..

  1. Hello, nice dress! Quirky and cute haha. Anyway, I like your hair! I tried to make it curl inwards but failed terribly. Perhaps you can make a video tutorial next time!


  2. hola,
    me blog walking and stumble into you..
    me likie your dress! where is ugle duckling?
    care to share with me?

    you got some style babe!
    oh yea where did you order your colored contact lens from? am using ciba vision..and yeah rather pricy and kinda bored with it too!


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