New ‘eye’

how how? ya new template again..
i dunno y ill keep thinking of changing my blog layout once im free
this time go for smth cute and more pearl!hahha

my cny is totally a boring one! the boring new year eva!
but Thanks God i gotta sleep a lot! really a lot…
din get to visit part of my relatives so less angpau this year..sob

oh ya i got my new lens b4 cny
its my second time trying out cosmetic lens the 1st time was bad
coz my eye cant take it dunno y
i use fresh con lens previously but kinda expensive for me since i dun use tat often
until i saw this picture few weeks pretty can
without any delay i ordered 2 one grey and hazel
the packaging
me wearing how??hahha
anyway nite all..
time to sleep tml start ‘work’ liao…sad


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