Busy weekend

part of job scope is to help out every session photoshooting
my work is to be ah sai a.k.a kakak
hahha help here and there…settle meal and iron clothes..
but kinda enjoy it coz
got lotsa pretty faces along.. and some of them are really sweet!
having fun playing with kids around..
crap with colleague
enjoy meal together
get to know more colleague from different departments
they are the designer of Poney
Anderson, Lyssa and Celine
stay under the sun.. saw that crazy hair man behind? that the photographer
ahhaa got 2 somemore! sorry my mistake i ter-clone him..haha


oh ya this week 2 colleague left..
glad to know you Michelle..Have a great future ahead!

outfit to work
fringe top: sis’s, black skinny: forget, sandal: sis’s
haha i got nothing to wear d..have to terrorize my sister wardrobe
so sad huh

7 thoughts on “Busy weekend

  1. passerby: Hey, jumble into your blog. Love it, i like how you will post up your daily outfit. Really great! you have great sense in fashion. And your job do sounds cool. Where you working at?


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