2 down

exhausted..just back from our 2nd photo shooting at full house, j/n yap guan seng.
pretty nice place for shooting and exactly wht we want for our theme, garden tea party
the kids model are awesome! cant wait to see the outcome!!
actually wanted to do some shopping tonight but too tired to get changed and stuff
so just stay at home while the whole family out for movie
with no dinner nothing..coz i just wish to get on bed right after i finish this post!
the most torturing fact is that tomorrow still gotta work!arh..
my life is all about work now! my mind keep thinking wht task i need/should do this coming week
but i always Thanks God that although its really busy at work but at least i found satisfaction
at least im doi something i like.
outfit to work again , nude loose crop top: topshop, fake lace skirt: Cotton on, bag: sungai wang, nude flat: vincci nude loose crop top: topshop, fake lace skirt: Cotton on, bag: sungai wang, nude flat: vincci.

oh ya one more thing i discover that iphone anti mosquito app is really working!
and it safe me! i dunno why mosquito always ‘like’ me! mayb im busuk or wht? some say my blood type attract mosquito..i cant tahan itchiness i use to scratch and scratch until got scars
that y i have vy ugly legs…sob..but its end of the story of me and mosquito with anti mosquito apps..:D thanks for the person who created it! awesome!

ok time for bed..:D nitez..

10 thoughts on “2 down

  1. hey babe, the mosquito thingy is effective, but somehow i've heard that it's not good to our ears & brain cells as the frequency it generates…

    haizzz…my legs have got alot of scars too!~~


  2. Bee: seriously??!?? Awh I tot I found anti mos saviour if like yay I dun dare to use d…thx for informing ya dear. Ar u oso ar but in ur pic not obvious ler scar it's the hardest things to cure….sob


  3. bee: haha me too.. yalo me pun! especially my forehead which is permenantly covered by my fringe..

    Ping: okok dear..this coming sun gotta work again ar..sob!


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