Good News Bad News

This 2 week kept getting good and bad news
when there’s good news it always come with bad one like free gift
but the bad one is always really bad stuff
last week while i’m happily thanks God for a friend’s new born child
i got a text from the boyfriend telling me a friend’s mum passed away
i haven’t had a chance to share the joy with the new mummy but need to attend the funeral
and today while i’m joyfully received my artwork after weeks of rushing it
i got another sad news that one of the friend in charge in the hospital
i never had a friend this close got serious illness..
i Pray for God healing on her, only God can heal her reduce her pain physically and spiritually, she is such a loving, healthy and cute girl tat no one around her can expect this will happen, its a really tough time for a young girl like her and her family, please pray for her

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