Random I


Compose some random shot that i took after getting baby i
some are already post in tweet but i found tweeter is bit hard to track back previous post
so hehhe.repeat again la

•1- taken by ney while im driving..love the mood of the pic..paiseh my logo almost block the whole pic
•2- dinner at tony roma’s onion ring which is way too much for 2 but still love it
•3- me with ugly mouth and expression..in Starbuck
•4- Children christmas party in church, we have robot, elf and adventurer hope my cousin enjoy it..
•5- my custom made crop tee with extremely puffy shoulder, kinda failed coz accidentally made it too short way shorter than normal crop top…have to pair it with really high waist..
•6- snowflakes with friends after Christmas Services..the night is still young..hehe snowflake become our hang out place after church
•7- really cute shot of Isaac! so lovable! hope i have a son like him!

okie a short one end with quote of the day

“What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very things God prepared for those who love him.” 1corithians 2:9

God bless you 😀

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