Lapsap update


Thanks God i got 2 very very sweet colleague
they guide me patiently and treat me so nice!! like “special_guest”..ahem ahem
since they in charge of marketing and promotion
they always had to travel around malls, so very often i had to stay in the room alone
but they always come back with something for me!
like this time my colleague got me this..krispy kreme for my tea break
saw the little Christmas bear? another colleague gave it to each of us a early Christmas present
part of my table…all pinkish stuff
the weird thing is my stuff are mostly or i should say all are pink
but im always in black and white outfit to work.. kinda contrast huh
maybe i have 2 personality..

they sometimes even bring me out to do some survive and research at our boutique
that’s me in black and white again…that’s another brand in my company
focus on Teenage apparel

another happy thing! i got my iphone!
ney give it a name call ‘baby i’
so far im loving everything about it! ipod+ internet everywhere + app! woohoo
i spend quite a lot on the casing and the screen protector!
today i just spend on my second screen protector to replace the previous one!
arh…blood bleeding..i can buy 2 top from that..
okie outfit..i always go for safe color outfit nowadays..i know im old already..
scallop top: Ugly Duckling, chic pop bazaar
sequine mini: online, lace up flat: online

found another pic of me and ping at chic pop market…
comic top: Room8008, short: Tea & sympathy, shoe: December

yeah tomorrow Fri-liday (Friday-public holiday)!
so to following and next next friday..i love Malaysia i love holiday..hehhee
Happy Holiday~

5 thoughts on “Lapsap update

  1. sherlyn: your phone oso nice what! hehe so pinkish!! thanks dear! Good luck and all the best in your final!!

    Yinle: haiyo wht happen to you! mana pergi! hhaa ok lo kinda busy and hectic life! u call me 1st!

    special guest: haha call you meh! yalo like FINALLY!!! haha we miskin people cannot throw now pass it to my sister! oh ya i still owe archtree something!


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