hello anybody there?
hopefully you still remember me here!
back from long hiatus…
work is fine..but life is busy
my weekend always packed, sleepless and tiredness
weekend are more hectic for me these day
just recover from fever
dunno why i fall in sick so easily these day..
last weekend really an exhausted weekend for us
our cell group took part in Vacation Bible School organized by my Church
it was fun..but being a team lead of 6 years old kids, just too hard and tired
but Thanks God everything turn fine and fun!
so regret didn’t ask my cousin again! next year no matter how have to force him join!
he will definitely love it!

seldom take style shot these days although i need/have to dress up to work everyday
but haih..lazy d
everyone dress so nice to work especially fashion designer
i enjoy watching them everyday..haha..
okie i now picha..gathering with uni mates
really enjoy chatting with them
the 7-11 housemate
and a little birthday celebration for yeekuan
me and ney with our drinks..
we had dinner at this Restaurant New York at One Utama
food is nice and affortable but so sad i got no pic of the food..
comic shoulder toga from Room0808, loving their stuff! and the owner is so cute!
look forward for their new website!

ok gotta go..still have some freelance stuff gotta settle
Thanks for being patient my dear!
Christmas is approaching.. gotta do some Christmas gift shopping
lotsa product to be design..need to do research at the mall!
so many things to do so little times!

6 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Hi..kim..
    long time no commet liao..
    sori ah.. busy these day .. cos my grandma jus pass away T.T but dun worry ,i will b ok..
    hope u stay pretty n healthly ya^^



  2. Weiyen: har!so sorry to hear that!! hope you're fine now k! sorry nowadays i rarely on msn d.. miss you so much i wish to go back jb find u girls!!!meet sun d?


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