finally i have the time to sit back and relax
yeah…its weekend! this week passed so fast for me!
back to working life, nothing else but work eat and sleep…
but i enjoy working there! im doing what i like
deal with lotsa cute stuff, cute thing and cute people!
mayb some of you dunno, im now working at a children apparel company, Poney
my colleague mostly are girls, they are friendly and so so cute!haha..
oh ya love the working environment too..
no need to travel, not even need to stuck in jam!i just need to drive 5min to work!
i seriously Thanks God for it!

long time din post up outfit pic
nowadays i always go for somethings simple dunno why..maybe old already..
Topshop Asymmetrical Lace top, Trendreports skinny & bag

i dun remember when was the last time i wear jean out to shopping..
haha side profile of my failed hair bun..sob

when come to bukit bintang
we always like to eat in this hong kong cafe at low yat plaza
the environment is so hong kong’ish
me eating the best yundun mee!
and random hong kong snack and ney’s duck rice…

gonna be another hectic weekend!
baptist class, movie, church deco preparation, gathering..
in fact im looking forward on Monday
to have my first presentation of my design to the big boss..phew..
God bless you~

7 thoughts on “Satisfy

  1. u r so small la gal!!!! super cute! muahaha~ n ur hair grows longer d~ can even tie up a bun! nice nehx~ n congrat again for ur work…really god bless u a lot! cz i dont think its easy to find a job tat is near to our house! =.=”


  2. kim..
    hi~ ur hair so nice leh.. hehe..
    many delicious food make me hungry~~
    but i sick this few day no much apetite~
    u take k ya..^^


  3. hello pretty! you're just so cute! love the random photo of you, just so sweet and you dress so well ok! how i wish i can be that cute and pettie as you. good luck in your new job and keep us update with your life. can't help myself keep clicking in your site everyday hoping for new updates!


  4. Sherlyn:haha yalo like kids..haha actually the bun is cheat one not really my real hair..yaya
    Thanks God for the job..:D

    Lynette: thanks dear..haha not selling it for the time being ya..still loving it..hehehe

    Weiyen: hey dear!!i wan go back jb find u girls again!!!miss you all so much lar! u take k oso k!me just recover from sick oso..hug*

    Eve: heloo dear, thanks for the compliment! but sometimes being pettie is not a good thing..sob
    will try to update more k..but my life kinda boring nth special to share..hahah

    Carol:hello thr..thanks..i love it too..:D


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