Mini’s update

i got that job i’ve been mention in the previous post!woohoo
but now wht i felt is less happy but nervous and worry
coz im gonna start work next Monday! MONDAY!
gosh that is way too i got another 2 days left before the working life started!
was wondering whether to leave it free for the weekend to rest or to pack it with lotsa outing
at the end hehe..of coz outing..long time din do shopping d..
coz nid to save mah..but now no..since i got a permanent job means permanent salary too!
seriously i feel so sad to leave my freedom freelance life
but life is cruel.. freelance job always have to deal with late payment noe wht until now i still have 2 pending payment which is the biggest sum among the rest
but Thanks God He provide me a job i desire for..
i’ve praying so so hard for this..and yes God is our provider!

gonna treasure this weekend!! i treat it like my last weekend right?
hahha.. this job require us to work on weekend sometimes..
so i might not have that extra time for ney and friends..
so i filled it with outing with song shi song, ney and ping!
one person one day..keep kim’s boredom away..
sorry too excited..

oh ya i’ve been searching high and low for good concealer for eye day circle and pores
and i found one!
the Balm.concealar- know this brand from nuffnang ads and some advertorial post of some famous blogger.
love the branding and product design…so decided to give it a try
it turn out good, better than my previous concealer..stay long and blending well!

gonna get prepare and off to dating with song
Take care..:D

11 thoughts on “Mini’s update

  1. Sherlyn: Thanks sweetie! haha yalo we xin lian xin! always think the same things..hehe

    ecyoj: Thanks dear! enjoy urs too! c u in chic pop..:D

    Ashely: haha thanks saw it d..enjoy ur break too dear..miss u


  2. boo!! babe!! stealing some of my time and blog hop here..hehe..where is ur new job?? doin wat?? hey..i formatted my hp..lost ur contact d..pls sms me ur number..previously wanna ajak u go chic pop wan..coz i was down in kl tat day..tried called ming but to no avail. he change his number d?? do contact me ya!! miss ya so much!!!


  3. ecyoJ: haha..really too many ppl sorry ya!

    shevin: hehe is poney! noe that brand? doi graphic..hehe i texted you d ya darling.. no ar ming din change his number still the same ler..miss you too!!! how's everything up there? Hope you're fine k!

    Beverly: Thanks dear! 😀


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