My Top 5 Treat List!

there’s always so many things i want in my wish list! i take lotsa time to think of the 5 top things i want to treat myself!!!!!

1.A Dell Inspiron 13! planned to get a laptop for so long since i’ve been using desktop for 4 years.. always admire ppl who bring their laptop with them sitting at Starbuck enjoy coffee and free Wifi! see how much i want it..i even photoshop the laptop in..hehe

i need it to meet my client regarding the design process coz the graphics performance of Dell inspiron 13 is just nice for me doi photoshop and design thingy and and the most important i really need a laptop for my interview session! now im using my mum’s company laptop which kinda old and slow!! with CoreTM 2 Duo processor of Dell inspiron my interview and presentation will be smoother!
please please Dell Inspiron 13 come to me~
some more with its thin and light design (from only 1.8kg) it will be just nice for petite girl like me to carry it in and out


2. seriously i need a new cellphone as mention in previous post!!! today i almost on my way to getting my dream phone!! but at the very last minutes they told me that my credit card company is not providing 0% easy payment..argh Plan Failed!….*cry*


my phone is dying..the battery cover is no longer attached now i use a double sided tape to stick it and i have charge it everyday!!!
this is how i look using the phone…
i dun mind getting a blackberry or iphone..hehhe..

3. Spend more time with my boyfriend! so sad that we can only meet on weekend..
i miss those time when we are in uni..
loving him more and more..Thanks God for him always..
He always put me for 1st consideration on every decision!
Love you, ney


4.unlimited supply of Japanese food!
im always craving for Japanese food!!! i can have it as breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!
and desert!!!!argh…im hungry now

5. i hope one day we can replace make up with photoshop!!! how i wish i can just photoshop my face whenever i go out! pimples are just so so hard to conceal
i miss my clean forehead!!!! please please recover soon….

join the contest write ur own top 5 treat list and win urself a Dell Inspiron 13
reward you a RM100 Instant Cash Redemption (CODE:7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3) with purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY)

*hopefully i i can use it for my next very important interview…

15 thoughts on “My Top 5 Treat List!

  1. wah girl, can see u put a lot of effort! you're right you need a laptop for freelance career, wish u can win ok!oh u look so cute with the new fringe even younger and japanish! i love it!and the dessert look so tempting!


  2. ok!i lost!~ i gan bai xia fong! wkaakak
    arghhh ur hair so cute la! wer u cut it? kekeke
    ohya! i saw ur top at SG.WANG! n i think u r the one who wear it superbly nice! i saw singapore's model wear it…but they r too tooo tooooooooooo slim! u r slim too! but it fits u superbly well! omg! can i loving wit u? wakaaka


  3. Samatha: i take sm times to recall u lar dear!hahha how r u ar? yalo need it badly!!! haha..but bit too cute for me cannot wear fierce outfit d..haha..thanks dear for dropping by!

    sherlyn: no ler..whr got lose i like ur post too!!! really so coincidence!mayb we same birthday or wht..wht we plan oso same..hahha really? my sis say i dun have neck in the top..haha

    pink: seriously?hahha..will have side bangs when my pimples recover..hhehe

    ping: thanks dear..sorry ffk u this week!!next week sure can k!!!hopefully get the payment!im seriously broke d..

    Ashley: haha thanks my dear! okok go n pray but if only God allow..hehe! if win i give u a kiss! hugz

    Tiqo: thanks dear! Korean star?haha no lar..anyway thanks dear for dropping by ya..


  4. hahahaha
    I agree with all of them gal… ur new hair style really CUTEEEE wei ^^ I was stunned when saw the 1st pic. A new style uhh. And dunno y from this hair style can see obviously that ur hair is really long now!!

    Wish all ur dreams come truee!!


  5. hi pretty! srly i love ur dress especially this top u wearing u carry it so well just ignore those people who keep giving nonsense comment! im here to support you

    with lot of loves,


  6. Lazypanda: Thanks dear for the compliment..:D but my hair is so dry now…haih..

    Alice: hellow sweets thanks for supporting!!! im blessed with you girls giving me lotsa encouragement! hugz..

    Janice: haha! doll?an old and spoil doll..hehhe
    Thanks dear..


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