Friday night updates..

i dunno what happen to my face, just couldn’t stop popping out pimples..
even how much take care of it..after one recover then it come again and again and again..
so scary!!! but it only appear on my forehead..which i really Thanks God for..
Clinique only help me to dry out the blemishes fast but its not preventing it!
maybe im in certain inflection or hormone imbalance or wht?i dunno
planning to see a doctor this weekend..
i miss my face 2 months before!!!!! which i can just set my fringe parting anywhere!
but now no more!!! i just cut a shorter fringe to cover those ugly pimples..
ill take a pic of how it look like! dun get shock by that time..sob

work just make me so emo lar actually on pms
work oso got abit..dun have time to watch Hongkong drama, Kangxi, ANTM, Gossip girls, do online shopping. dun have personal time..even personal devotion
when i hit the bed straight away fall fast!

Craving for good food! i want Japanese food!
sushi Tei at Tropicana Mall.. a good choice for sushi and sashimi other than Zanmai
All time favourite hotate!!! its just so good
or another sushi king bonanza can fulfill my crave for sushi!
we ate so much right..actually not..there are 10 of us.

i miss dating with ney
without rushing out of time, without worrying working next day or what
just simple date, movie, walking, chatting or coffee..

suddenly this week i got so many freelance job
from website, graphic to greeting cards
all in tight deadlines..i dunno whether i can cope coz now im working as part timer for my ex-company
know what?!? i sorta found my ideal job!!! i’ve sent out my resume last night..waiting for reply!!!
Hopefully i can get it! no more traveling, jam, with something i wan and wish to work for..
now the only thing i can do is Pray to God..

8 thoughts on “Friday night updates..

  1. hey!!!! biggerbigger eyes lovelove!!!! wkaaa wah! ive been awaiting for ur blog post leh! come here more often can? craving for ur fashion tips liao! haha n ohya! now only i know i'm using clinique's product too! i'm using tat one for eyes protection de! n ohya! ur etude BB cream will cause u MAO KONG ZHU SAI o not? cz skin food's one have tis problem! i have pimples on the forehead after i used it for sometime! izit possible becz of ur BB cream? n n n !!!! i;m craving for sushi too 😦 mamam! i wan SUSHI!!!!!!


  2. sarah: arh..maybe but i normal clip my fringe up at home..i really need the fringe to cover my ugly forehead!no i dun honestly photoshop make me prettier..haha

    Sherlyn: haha ya i love freshkon too..paiseh less goi ur place and leave comment d and writing post here coz busy working ler.. and most importantly no idea..charm..working life just so boring.. oh the eye work quite well on me.. bb cream i use ok so far no problem even my mum like it.. now i really fear of skin food product my forehead problem always start with using skin food concealer.. arh..hate it!

    Ping: haha..everyone have problem hor..slim down really have to man man lai dun give urself too much stress k! some more i dun think u're fat k!:D

    shea: thanks sweetie..:D


  3. Pity you, girl… I hate acne too!!! Hope I can help a little…

    Avoid Clinique toner (unless it's Derma White series). Clinique toner containts alcohol, you can smell it actually. It's good for oily skin and it will radiant our skin tone. But, it's not good to expose our skin to alcohol in the long run. I am still a Clinique fan but i use the toner once in every week.

    Also, try not to cover acne with concealer or liquid foundation. When our skins have acne problem, it's a sign that they are “too tired”. Let them rest for couple days.

    You still look as gorgeous as always to me, Kim! Good luck to you~~


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