finally i have the time to sit back and relax
yeah…its weekend! this week passed so fast for me!
back to working life, nothing else but work eat and sleep…
but i enjoy working there! im doing what i like
deal with lotsa cute stuff, cute thing and cute people!
mayb some of you dunno, im now working at a children apparel company, Poney
my colleague mostly are girls, they are friendly and so so cute!haha..
oh ya love the working environment too..
no need to travel, not even need to stuck in jam!i just need to drive 5min to work!
i seriously Thanks God for it!

long time din post up outfit pic
nowadays i always go for somethings simple dunno why..maybe old already..
Topshop Asymmetrical Lace top, Trendreports skinny & bag

i dun remember when was the last time i wear jean out to shopping..
haha side profile of my failed hair bun..sob

when come to bukit bintang
we always like to eat in this hong kong cafe at low yat plaza
the environment is so hong kong’ish
me eating the best yundun mee!
and random hong kong snack and ney’s duck rice…

gonna be another hectic weekend!
baptist class, movie, church deco preparation, gathering..
in fact im looking forward on Monday
to have my first presentation of my design to the big boss..phew..
God bless you~

Mini’s update

i got that job i’ve been mention in the previous post!woohoo
but now wht i felt is less happy but nervous and worry
coz im gonna start work next Monday! MONDAY!
gosh that is way too i got another 2 days left before the working life started!
was wondering whether to leave it free for the weekend to rest or to pack it with lotsa outing
at the end hehe..of coz outing..long time din do shopping d..
coz nid to save mah..but now no..since i got a permanent job means permanent salary too!
seriously i feel so sad to leave my freedom freelance life
but life is cruel.. freelance job always have to deal with late payment noe wht until now i still have 2 pending payment which is the biggest sum among the rest
but Thanks God He provide me a job i desire for..
i’ve praying so so hard for this..and yes God is our provider!

gonna treasure this weekend!! i treat it like my last weekend right?
hahha.. this job require us to work on weekend sometimes..
so i might not have that extra time for ney and friends..
so i filled it with outing with song shi song, ney and ping!
one person one day..keep kim’s boredom away..
sorry too excited..

oh ya i’ve been searching high and low for good concealer for eye day circle and pores
and i found one!
the Balm.concealar- know this brand from nuffnang ads and some advertorial post of some famous blogger.
love the branding and product design…so decided to give it a try
it turn out good, better than my previous concealer..stay long and blending well!

gonna get prepare and off to dating with song
Take care..:D

My Top 5 Treat List!

there’s always so many things i want in my wish list! i take lotsa time to think of the 5 top things i want to treat myself!!!!!

1.A Dell Inspiron 13! planned to get a laptop for so long since i’ve been using desktop for 4 years.. always admire ppl who bring their laptop with them sitting at Starbuck enjoy coffee and free Wifi! see how much i want it..i even photoshop the laptop in..hehe

i need it to meet my client regarding the design process coz the graphics performance of Dell inspiron 13 is just nice for me doi photoshop and design thingy and and the most important i really need a laptop for my interview session! now im using my mum’s company laptop which kinda old and slow!! with CoreTM 2 Duo processor of Dell inspiron my interview and presentation will be smoother!
please please Dell Inspiron 13 come to me~
some more with its thin and light design (from only 1.8kg) it will be just nice for petite girl like me to carry it in and out


2. seriously i need a new cellphone as mention in previous post!!! today i almost on my way to getting my dream phone!! but at the very last minutes they told me that my credit card company is not providing 0% easy payment..argh Plan Failed!….*cry*


my phone is dying..the battery cover is no longer attached now i use a double sided tape to stick it and i have charge it everyday!!!
this is how i look using the phone…
i dun mind getting a blackberry or iphone..hehhe..

3. Spend more time with my boyfriend! so sad that we can only meet on weekend..
i miss those time when we are in uni..
loving him more and more..Thanks God for him always..
He always put me for 1st consideration on every decision!
Love you, ney


4.unlimited supply of Japanese food!
im always craving for Japanese food!!! i can have it as breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!
and desert!!!!argh…im hungry now

5. i hope one day we can replace make up with photoshop!!! how i wish i can just photoshop my face whenever i go out! pimples are just so so hard to conceal
i miss my clean forehead!!!! please please recover soon….

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*hopefully i i can use it for my next very important interview…