Best Purchase ever!

i brought this light blue short here
its my best purchase ever
discount price. easy to mix and match. wear almost 2 times a week..woo
no shopping no spending for 2 weeks d…*pat self*
i noe the style is the same..but i like the casual and comfy of it
flora tunic = Topshop, bag=Sungai Wang
ripped shoulder pad tee=Trendreports (update tomorrow!)
white tee = F21

guess wht? i got this after so long!
thanks dad for the gift..ya i noe its fate one..
but its not expensive and just enough for me i think
got alarm, calculator, tel record, and light some more..
ping tell me the different between urs and mine!hahaha

20 thoughts on “Best Purchase ever!

  1. Weiyen: haha thanks darling for the comment!!muacks..but sound like i force u like or wht! but thanks lar..u just say whatever can d lar..dun so stress..miss u and the rest of the girl so much!

    janice: you're welcome sweetie..:D


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