a bangsar shopping with girlfriend is always long wanted!
been waiting for so long u noe
even my bestie sun came,i dun have chance to go thr with her!
introduce you my new friend ping
im so glad that we have this outing and thanks for inviting!
of coz we went every single shop we usually shop
and thx sweetie for taking my outfit photo
lace top: Topshop, belt: f21, peach bodycon: online, shoe: topshop, pearl bracelet: t & s
so love this lace top at 1st sight..but take me so long time to decide getting it
lotsa camwhore..yup must do for girls outing!
hey girl..thanks for the time! i enjoy it so much..let’s do it again and again
especially talking and sharing with you
i Thanks God for giving me new friend..:D

i dunno why im stuck in mid valley last weekend!
friday: fashion fast forward members day successfully brought ney a pair of jeans in special price and according to him its supper comfy! worthy buy!
saturday: mum’s birthday dinner at ting tai feng and delicious
sunday: and mid valley again to buy pressie for church member’s baby fullmoon..

and we try out a new fastfood restaurant Popeyes
not bad we will definitely visit another time
ney with the enviroment..
we have this seafood combo thingy..
but portion kinda small..

16 thoughts on “

  1. tat;s the best lace top tat i ever seen dear!~!!! wow! nice oufit~ keekek
    n n n n
    next will be me k? keke
    bac to KL soon~ weeee :p
    ohya~ will post ur pressie on monday o:p
    sorry dear for the super long delay@!!
    i m so sorry n really hope tat u wont mad with me…cz i try to do something from myself…
    i m a really bad homemaker~ anyway..
    stil hope tat u will like it ya :p


  2. hi kim, nice to meet you =)
    actually i did seen you in Utar's convo in setapak last time ^^ may b you same as me is attending friend's convo too..XD. anyway ur outfit was marvelous..


  3. sherlyn: seriously im really scare it my another impulsive buy! glad that u say nice..hehhe..thanks thanks..
    coming back d?yeah let's go for shopping!heheh.. nvm lar dear is ok for the pressie no nid to say sorry..coz i give u not wanting anything in return ya..

    clarine: hello pretty.. nice to meet you too.. u tar convo..when was it?? haha..thanks for dropping by and the compliment..:D


  4. i also wanna meet up!!!! 😀

    and oh, btw, i have the lace top too.. took me quite some time to decide as well, and i've yet to wear it..

    btw, just to check with u.. i was thinking of getting the MJ bag (the one yr sister using). is the quality good and worth the price?


  5. hi there =) found your blog from sherlyn's. you looks so pretty!!! =( really really like your hair. did you curl your hair (the bottom) inward everyday? my hair is so stubborn! i could never carry hairstyle like yours =(


  6. cryst: sure sure..let's make it come true..hehe u brought the lace top too??yeah gimme five!hhaha.ya take so so long to decide some more im alone tat day no one give me advance..
    oh tat bag..for quality wise is good.. but depends on how much are u paying for it sis brought it at around RM120 and she's still in love with it

    Janice: hello pretty, thanks thanks..u too are pretty! ya i curl myself but not everyday im vy lazy just for outing only i curl my hair.. oh ic then mayb u can go for permanent curl?


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