im super duper busy this whole week
the workload, the traffic jam is killing me!

at the beginning of the project we are not brief clearing how much is the workload
then the person in charge is like scaring us so much asking us whether we can complete it on times coz its so so so so much you know
that freak me up! coz my part in flash as wht he explain is like one month job can!
then is the traffic jam! arh..asking us to reach at 9 took us 1 and hour to reach the place!
and another 1 and the hour back home..can you imagine that i can actually drive back to johor and back on the next day…that’s what i really hate KL!

but Thanks God again coz prob solve one by one…
my friend make it very clear with the person wht we should do and not to do
so after the meeting our job is reasonable to complete before coming tuesday!
so yeah no over time for me coz before this i gotta sit in front of the pc right after the 90min jam!
no life no life! but now i can visit mv after work for FFF Member’s day, write a post before head to bed, tml celebrate mummy birthday and plan my shopping trip with my new friend!wooray..and still can complete the job!!!
for the traffic jam i actually skipped it for 2 days already
coz the guy say hey, you know what you can actually come at 10 or 11!
after i complain how jam is the traffic from my place to thr…haih i should do that earlier!
fyi with no jam i can reach the office within 20 min!!!


as i mentioned before after using skinfood concealer
some strange acne and blemish pop out on my forehead..only forehead..
i dunno why… its not one or two its….a lot!
so when the boyfriend ask me what i want for my birthday
ya we dun play surprise surprise thingy when come pressie..coz what he brought previously always disappointed to avoid that we just make things clear!hahah..
and i decide to get a set of skin care product..
Clinique is what i had on mind heard lotsa good feedback from friends who used their product..
the consultant 1st throw me some question abt my face and a questionnaire to fill up
and roughly explain my type of skin what treatment should i go for..
im lucky coz the day i went is the last day of the promotion!
help ney saved some money..
these are the set i get…
their famous basic 3..facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturizer
love the fragrant its natural and refreshing!!
im not that kinda hardworking girl..i normally just remove make up, cleansing gel, and end with toner before this..coz i dun like moisturizer which always make my skin feel extra oily after applying it after few hour
but enterprisingly clinique’s moisturizer don’t! im now a happy rajin girl who love to apply moisturizer..
these are side stuff..from left travel pack facial soap ( i love free gift!), sun block( not use yet!i haven’t been under the sun for some times), eye cream ( Good! my dark circle seems to be lighten!), moisture surge (perfect for my type of skin “extremely dry”), and make up remover!( im totally in love with it! its clean everything every single make up on the face so fast and so clean includes mascara! i always have problem removing mascara but their remover did a good job on that!)
and this! to solve my acne , pimples, blemish and whatever who make a living on my forehead!
it successfully dry up the pimples but kinda take times on me..
this tiny little things is kinda expensive to me..using it very preciously
now left those scars..hopefully my forehead will be clear like before…

my facial routines –
make up remover (if make up), facial soap, clarifying lotion, moisturizer, eye cream, moisture surge and anti-blemish cream..
Thanks ney for this present..
at this age i think is time for me to take care of my skin and less make up…
haih…hate being old..

say YES to great skin!
haha..their slogan for skin care product

oh ya i realize i seldom post outfit here..
something simple
big crop top: topshop, denim highwaist: sunway, necklace:online

nitez people..blessed weekend…

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