my family decide go on food hunting trip at malacca on my birthday
i dunno why on that days but it seems to be some special to me
coz i was born in Malacca..grown up in JB and know ended up in KL
due to my dad’s job we have to move house quite often
know what? i moved 8 houses…any higher record out there?
we reached there quite late in the noon
manage to try the “zha xiao” rice coz the shop open at 5pm
it was so good!maybe all of us are starving..
everything is delicious! in love with the mint qui ling gao on the right top!
then we went to jonker street…everywhere in malacca was so crowded on public holiday
then a not-very-nice chicken rice ball
please not to try any chicken rice ball at jonker street!
stay celup…my parent dun like it..they say its dirty..haha..
and end the trip in a random hawker selling this very very nice and famous asam fish and taufa..
Thanks people for the fill with lotsa good food and precious time spend with my beloved one..more road trip please..i have yet to redeemed my gift from the parents..what should i ask for..hehe

this following weeks gonna be busy for me..
Thanks God for this opportunity! gonna take part in a project for 2 weeks..
hope i can complete it well

5 thoughts on “

  1. Ping: ya a trip is good to refresh ur mind and set free from work for temporary..:D

    cant wait for our shopping trip!!!

    plain.jane:ya that's the one we wanted to have the chicken rice but we are too late!!!!sob..anyway thx girl for dropping by..hey i love ur fashion blog!

    ashley: awh kersian..u can cook wht malaysian cook malaysia food..haha ya i noe im lame..

    evelypny:yeah it is..!! take care ya sweetie


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