Best Purchase ever!

i brought this light blue short here
its my best purchase ever
discount price. easy to mix and match. wear almost 2 times a week..woo
no shopping no spending for 2 weeks d…*pat self*
i noe the style is the same..but i like the casual and comfy of it
flora tunic = Topshop, bag=Sungai Wang
ripped shoulder pad tee=Trendreports (update tomorrow!)
white tee = F21

guess wht? i got this after so long!
thanks dad for the gift..ya i noe its fate one..
but its not expensive and just enough for me i think
got alarm, calculator, tel record, and light some more..
ping tell me the different between urs and mine!hahaha

As always

as always im in shopping ban..ya again
gonna save up for my new mobile phone coz my hp is really dying..
am now sticking the battery cover with a double side tape..charging it in daily basic
can you imagine how bad it is?

as always a Brand new template
been starting to design it since last month
today only got the mood to publish it
just wan something simple, more mature i think..
what do you think ?

as always i only have the urge to blog on Friday
maybe Friday is always the great day of the week for me
love attending cg especially the talk by Brother David for this month
i take it as story listening.. and enjoy all the church history
its inspiring..
gonna work harder in my spiritual life!
outta expect me and ney are in for chinese church planting..
Hope God will guide us in this

as always im waiting for payment…
arh.. hopefully can get it end of this month!
due to some reason my credit card bill this month is…..
way too much! not becoz of shopping but mum pressie, ikea, and some random stuff..
i seldom shop with credit card..coz i dun wan to turn myself to a credit card slaves
but when come to shop on my mum behalf she will always encourage.. erm or should i say force me to use credit card to make payment

as always im looking for job..
a permanent one! ya im looking for it since last month but
i really cant find any desire company
coz i dun wan to jump into any job for the sake of earning money
i wanna work with i passionate not robot..
jobstreet can now be my homepage now..
however im goi for an interview next monday..
Hope its God’s favor..

as always i decide not to blog on outdated(2 or 4 weeks back) stuff!
i got so many out dated event/ dinner/ outfit that i haven’t blog about!
and now im so lazy to dig the pic back and write..
gonna pick up good habit in blogging!haha
blog immediately and be a good blogger…

as always outfit to end this post..
sungai wang with sibling.. kinda enjoy shopping with them
though they are not good in giving me advice
coz they will say yes or buy to anything i ask for their opinion so that they could leave the shop bad right..
top: Dainty Dresser, skirt:Taiwan, belt: Ugly Duckling, bag: Old blossom, bracelet: T & S, flat: sunway pyramid

Blessed weekend..
woohoo…i love weekend..God bless~


以后emo的post 就用华语好了。。压力也不会这么大


并决定打从心底原谅他, 把它从我的心牢释放出来。。

“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” -Matthew 6:14-15