Birthday Dinner

Had my birthday eve dinner day with neyney
since i have plan with family on the actual day
by the time we met im still struggling what to wear!
i brought nothing this month i mean before the birthday
gotta save up $$ for a big plan..hehe
ended out going like birthday mood at all!weird leg i have in that pic!
yellow top: Ugly Duckling, high waist short: self-made, lace-up flat: online spree
so i drag ney to sunway to do some last minutes shopping
hopping to get e dress i eyeing on who know! its not available there! how can !!
luckily we met Sarah! thanks girl for the info
we head to another mall to get the dress before dinner
manage to try out some other clothes too..the shop closed at 8 on raya
and im the last customer…
guess which one i saw in the site? and ended up didn’t buy…
brought 1 dress and a top as the present for myself…change it on the spot
and go for dinner..woohoo..
palate palate..ya again..
simply love the ambient and deco…
we’re so lucky to have violin and some performance that night
mocktail and ney’s asam something drink..
starter: Mushroom cappuccino with home made bread
and chicken already full with all the starter…
regret ordering so much!
and finally the main spicy seafood linguine and ney chicken forget the name again
we cant even finish both of it…so no more dessert after that..sad case~
flora tank top: Topshop, Fullskirt: Tea & sympathy
Thanks ney for the day.. always there for me and made my birthday a joyous one.

next-Ney’s love pressie..:D
oh ya mini update on trendreports
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7 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner

  1. ellyn:hello there, ya love the ambient of restaurant..thanks for dropping by ya

    kenji:Thanks for dropping by!!!

    hanyu: Thanks sweetie..take care too

    Ping Ping: yayaya i miss it too..hehhe


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