no more genting

yes no more Genting

i always say that after back from Genting everytime

coz i’ll feel “dizzy” to bus ride + hill road

whenever i get in to a bus i feel wanna throw out especially when i seat down

i just cant stay the smell and seats.

im not princess kinda girl, i use to take a lot of long distance bus back to JB few years back..

i did feel that too but that times have no choice for me

now if i got a choice i’ll choose to drive.

Genting bring me lotsa bad memory

when young , dad used to bring us there for the theme park but i’m not a big fans of theme park, and I also feel no fun at all


all the feeling of vomit along the hill and you noe how bad is the road last time la..

then there was once I went with a friend ,no theme park, lotsa chatting and walking .

Kinda enjoy it minus the part that i vomit like no body business in the bus and that guy have to take care of me all the way back! argh..embarrassing

then went to genting with ney and i felt sick immediately when i reach there, high fever some more and the vomit back again …same story

but i do have good memories at there too with bunch of housemates

our 1st 7-11( what we call our group in uni) outing to genting

that was fun! and enjoyable..miss it so much!!!

anyone remember this pic? haha..


i do feel uncomfortable at the end but the good memories cover it all!!!

i even made a video when we came back..can you see how much i love it…

the next one would be the most recent with ney’s colleagues

<img src="; alt="

thanks for tagging me along..hehe

<img style="width: 451px; height: 338px;" src="; alt="

some of his colleague..nice meeting you guys..

<img style="width: 450px; height: 338px;" src="; alt="

they only go for stimulus stuff which most of it i refuse to take

im timid like tat…

<img src="; alt="

buy ticket there is not a good idea! its so expensive!

<img src="; alt="

but i enjoy the weather!

<img src="; alt="

we went for some lame train that took us 30 minutes to wait for the train

and another 30 minutes to go around the park with really really slow speed..

the lame jokes are the most enjoyable part for me, i think..heehe

they are funny..:D

again feeling uncomfortable way back and the proclaiming “no more genting” seems like a must for me after every genting trip

so i guess its betta to go trip with bunch of friends!

at least good memories, build relationship, fun and jokes cover the bad parts..

okie nitez pretties..

Have a blessed long weekend and safe journey to wherever you’re heading to!

Selamat Hari Raya~

2 thoughts on “no more genting

  1. hi loving ur blog!I dun like genting too! theme park is boring sia,but i love ur photo with your boyfriend!pretty neh! Happy Birthday to you, stay pretty


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