Outing lot of outing!

sorry for not updating! my life is boring and nothing nice to blog about

weekdays is my holiday
weekend for me is so tiring!!!!hahha weird right
but im happiness enough coz i have 5 days rest 2 days work!
first outing last week CG retreat at Malacca, Afamosa
spot me i look so aunty..haha
coz i prefer to be natural in any camp or trip with friends!
no make up no hair styling..nothing..hahah
games section! everyone enjoy being wrap together!
a new experience to join camp with those who not in ur age group!
its fun and u can learn lotsa thing!
like doing yoga in the morning! coz we have a yoga teacher among us
play with kids!!!so cute..miss them~
enjoy show!!! uncle are cute too…
learn to speak better!
and good food of coz!!!

feeling thankful to God that we joined this camp! closer to each other and great time spending together…The message from God is clear for everyone
Relationship between us and God is the most important!
His words is our food..

next update: outing with ney’s colleague to Genting~

9 thoughts on “Outing lot of outing!

  1. ney: ya i miss it too!

    Anonymous: Thanks dear..sorry for typo correct it d..

    ashley: no ler!! u post to mana?

    evelynpy: ya i enjoy it..:D thanks dear for dropping by


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