Black and white

realize how boring is me when come to color in dressing up
im like forever in black and white boring
loving this outfit coz i think its so me
ruffles jumpsuit (wear as top): Basic House, scallop pant: Tea & Sympathy
i feel like a ostrich wearing that top..but i love the ruffles thingy
get my early birthday present from ney…heheh
no need to guess wht i get right?
coz my skin cant wait till my birthday d..its getting worse and worse
blame to skin food concealer! regret using it
now my forehead are crowded with blemish and pimples…
let’s see how Clinique help me with this after 2 week ill show you the result k
if its really work then it will be my greatest birthday present ever
Thanks ney anyway..i noe ur purse is bleeding…

i love september!
coz we have 3 long weekend wei! haha but im not working no rasa oso
schedule are packed
1st weekend a sudden back to mersing to visit my grandma
pass by the real klang station coffee…
its so tiring to travel 5 to 6 hour in the car!
but its worth to bring some joy to my grandma since she’s staying alone
Thanks God she’s getting healthier

this weekend we are having CG camp at Malacca…
im so nervous gotta lead worship for 2 days…*scare*
and the last long weekend is my birthday!
now i understand when people say when you getting old you dun feel like celebrating your birthday..i feel that too
oh my im 23 already! so old already…
tell me ur idea age of getting married! haha..wanna noe how u girls think..

ok end with the graduation pic we took at the studio
with ney
with my family…

blessed weekend to all…
psst..i’ve finish sewing..they are ready for sales..

11 thoughts on “Black and white

  1. KIM ! i loves ur jumpsuit…….

    Hmm! My settling down age ?! At 1st i thought is 27 but now, if i found someone that Im in love with and i think i noe him enuf, 25 bah..

    I know some might find it quite young to get married in this century..


  2. please notify me when you wanna start selling. please. HAHA

    and omg, love your graduation pictures. esp those with your bf. damn nice okie!

    i plan to get married at the age of 23 ;p ;p


  3. Hi there! Been lurking around your blog for awhile now 🙂 May I know which studio you had your graduation photos taken at? I've been delaying my pictures for far too long. My dad says by the time I get around to finding us a studio I'll be an old lady already.

    The pics you took are so fun and natural looking, compared to the usual boring ones where they photoshop your face beyond recognition T__T Please do share!


  4. hey babe..i cant see the email u send me..pls send me again…thankss..
    anyway..ideal age to married..for me i think is 27:) I am still enjoying the life without married yet..i guess after u married ur life will be different d..haha..


  5. sheriCheryi: Thanks for dropping me a comments..:D

    Lynette: ya that's wht i tot also! 28 or 29 b4 but now..hehe idea age had become earlier..that's y im asking wht u girls thinking!

    Nana: sorry darl..for the mean time i only produce limited time k..hehhe

    pingping: oh that's great!!! how old are you ya darling! ya when u meet ur mr right! married is a must!

    vvens: hehe wht u intrested to get darl?? peplum skirt? i think i got one skirt suit ur size! accidentally make it so small me cant wear..-_-” anyway!!
    thanks is 2 year later? wow!

    The Faux Fashionista: hello there…nice to noe u darl..sure the one i took with my boyfriend is somewhere around kuchai lama and the white background is at serdang mail me for exact address k
    coz we actually demand for that the studio is actually rather traditional type but we ask for something fun from the photographer! you can do so too..:D

    shevin: mail you again ya dear! pls check! heheh 27 noted! ya totally different one…

    shuwan: haha ya kluang station! look so familiar right? we will pass by ur hse everytime go back to mersing my mum say if next time u wan to take something or what can ask us!hahha


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