Lace! i love!!!

its my title on lookbook for this outfit below
too blur?
haha okok a clearer one
not detail enough? here another zoom in one
can’t see the back?
haha why lar me like that! create all sort alasan to put more pic
lazy to describe where i get it from
im sure most of you know where right? its everywhere!
night at pavilion, watch “Up” with 3D spec
i want to watch another 3d movie!!please~

vain me…

im no direction again!!!! im actually wondering whether to get myself a job or what
i dunno! sometimes i just feel so lost!
ok end..of this perasan post!
bye all

11 thoughts on “Lace! i love!!!

  1. Nice one! I love too! *smile*

    Hmm! I think u shud look for another job, gain some experience when u'r stil young and to build up a good rapport After that, you can work from home again *winkz*

    Sometimes, its good to meet up with new people in our life, sharing thoughts and etc.

    Take care !


  2. Lynette: yalo! agree..hehe but find a job i like is so hard man!haih! anyway thanks for sharing darl..:D

    take care too..hugz!

    evelynpy: hello girl..thanks! hahha ya im enjoying~ how about you? start working d?

    vvens: yayya i saw u worn it in one of the post! the crop one right! yalo hunting for more。。hehe

    ashley: ok only lar! wah so good got birthday present for me ar?


  3. wow! another perfect combination1!!! love tis piece of lace dress! i forgo my lacey top as it doesnt look well on me~ sobsob..n i was too shy for being so sexy! mamamia! dont have the perfect body figure like u! hahha 😦 n i think u should get urself a job too~ ha…still young ma! can gain a lot of experience still…:p however, no doubt tat working life is boring n it will pack up all ur time…u might not have so much time for blogging n sewing all the cutey skirts~ therefore, it depends on wat u want…n i believe tat u can do well on ur courier gal~ hehe

    n yeah! its our birthday month!!!!!
    *excited* haha


  4. sherlyn: thanks darl..ya i saw u selling it! nvm u sure can find another piece of lace dress that suit you!!! hehe.. yalo finding one coz this time i wanna find a job that i really really like!! thanks girl for the support hehe..hugz..

    yeah!!! i wan birthday but i dun wan to grow older..huhu..hehe

    shea: lar my eye bag so big! hehe..thanks darl..

    baby ballet: hello darl i got it from dainty dresser! ya i saw crop one in urban love too..


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