Homemade???im sitting at home now making all sort of things
spend these 3 days sewing! my fingers are now full of needle hole..
hehe..but im satisfied!!! and enjoy!!
1 skirt take me 1 day to complete if only my sewing machine didn’t manja…
from drawing prototype, cutting cloth, send to tailor to sew the side part(车边)to real sewing!
ok gonna show you how my scallop, full, and peplum skirt look
hhaha ya all are skirts!
scallop skirt in pale pink!!!
the first layer i make it bit pleated like peplum d hor..
haha..but the end is scallop shape…
this picture turn out very pale…
oh ya this is not for sales ya..i still think the scallop part have to be improve!

++ Peplum skirt + full zipper+
ya im planning to sell this in several color..anyone intrested?
light yellow, turquoise, fushia pink, black and khakis
but all are available in s size only ya…
anyway so far i’ve only complete this piece in turquoise…
i love the full zipper at the back…

++Pale pink full skirt++
im so in love with this color
actually pre order a pair of nude pink ballet flat!!but who noe..haih…
so girly and easy to mix and match

oh ya my buy from tea & sympathy
another black full skirt and scallop pants!!!
hehe..yayya bee i brought it…
the puffy skirt is way puffed than mine!!!love~

hope you love it…
have to work on my web design…end of the month already!!
i earn nothing!hahhaa..how can..
but noe wht i believe God is guiding me all this while!
He provide me whatever i need…from small things to big one
i experience Him these few days when im really frustrated with the sewing machine being manja for no reason! i pray…ya i noe is small stuff..but it works! after my prayer!
Thanks God!!! i have to learn to rely on Him on small things! so whatever i do in my life in future God will be my main purpose!

27 thoughts on “Homemade..

  1. first first first! i love everthing in this post! omg! i want the peplum but im not s size ler!how? can u custommade one for my size?pls



  2. heyyy there! omggg really lovely peplum skirts there. i'm wow-ed 🙂

    and pretty please, i wish i'm a size s but i'm not. can you customize one for me ?



  3. Oh i love your DIY Skirt…love the colors so much..i think nude pink and turquoise are great color to wear..

    BTW you are so fluently speak melayu right like manja…

    sometimes is ok to manja


  4. yuni: hahhaa mailed you darl! but vy hard to custom made coz i already cut out all the cloth d…

    anonymous: thanks darl.. sorry cant custom made for the moment coz i've cut all the size out d..sorry ya..mayb next time!

    evelypny: thanks darl! long time nvr heard from you!!! haha yaya i can speak malay but not fluent hahha bahasa pasar only..cannot lar sewing machine cannot be manja!!! i need it work all the time!hahha..

    sherlyn: mailed you darl! thanks girl!

    joyjoyce: hello darl! hahha so cute! for the moment no customize yet ya! coz i've cut out the sizes for all my cloths..sowie

    tiqa: sorry darl! Thanks anyway

    Shevin: ill give you the measurement sooner k!hehhe..reserved for you 1st!

    felice: haha but the pale pink material i had is kinda not suitable for peplum!! im looking for it!! stay tune ya darl!

    shea: woow…thanks sweet

    anonymous: thanks dear! ya i tot of it b4!!but the things is i love zipper!! full zipper is the major things i love about this skirt!

    anyway thanks for the advice ya sweet


  5. hee hee.. those skirts are nice.. gambateh ya.. y not selling ur own product with ur own brand..? 😀 i like the turquoise, turquoise always nice to suit other colors.. 😀 can i have a custom one, without the zip..? T_T


  6. joanne: thanks weiwei.. coz my selling skill not good enuf to sew wht i design ler!!hahha so now only practice on what in the market..haha without zip ar but peplum without zip not nice wan wor..

    felice: hello girl..let sent to you once i complete it k?? coz yellow wan need lining too..gimme some times ya

    cryst: thanks girl! my mum teach me!

    Lynette: hello sweetie..ya i love them too..haha diy course?im way long to teach ppl lar! im learning now..

    vvens: thanks darl!!! will let you noe k? but scallop not so soon..if u wan peplum with you size is possible ya!hehhe

    sharonisme: haha..which 1 you wan darl? im still learning..hehhe..


  7. shevon: hello darl.sorry for the mean time i only produce small size ya!

    singsong: hahha boh lui!cannot buka!

    jane: thanks sweetie.. ya sooner ..:D

    hui wen: thanks darl for dropping by and the compliment! i have long way to improve!


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