Yummy Delicious

another bangsar day with ney
grey blazer: tic tac toe, heart necklace: moca, stripes tee: stockist, pleated short: Trendreports, chanel inspired bag: online , friendship shoe: vincci

guess what i brought this time??? hehe 2 major love!!!
but i have no chance to wear any of it yet!!cant wait
im collecting the paper bag!hahha…
kimtea3 kimtea4
then we went delicious for late lunch!!
kimtea5 kimtea6
strawberry milkshake, chocolate brownies, seafood pasta
since both of us dun eat much..we start to share 1 set of meal!!!
to avoid food wasting!!! the portion is just nice for us…
the pasta is really great!!!! i always love linguine with garlic and olive oil!!
us in the middle of the street….
another random outing with the sister..
since im free in the weekdays so i can go shopping whenever my kaki is free..haha
mustard top: ugly duckling, belt: online, flora dress as skirt: catinbowl, heel: bkk, chanel inspired: online, random flower headgear on hand: bazaar
haha look at her! i think she will kill me putting this pic here!
mcd sundae cone is the best cheap yummy delicious ice-cream ever! anyone with me?
random picture of me stuck in the jam…
i miss driving…hahha..moo moo is so boring nowadays.. but i enjoy being fetch..
why lar me like tat..

yeah!!! just back from pavilion! watching UP 3D!!!
first time watching real 3D animation..so cool~~~
you just feel like touching everything in the movie..hahha..
love the story as well..so cute..touching..and everything inside just so dreamy and colorful!!!

and i just finish sewing my 2nd peplum+scallop skirt !!!!in pale pink….
will show u girls sooner.. need to do some clean up job…
need comments from you..as im thinking of selling my product sooner…
ok ciaoz…off to bed…
Good night everyone!!!!
have a blessed weekend~

8 thoughts on “Yummy Delicious

  1. Love your first outfit. Why you can wear bangles one… I cannot buy bangles because they're always too big for me 😦

    I love UP as well, I spent the first hour looking and staring at the screen in awe, everything is just so cute! Even the soundtrack! And the asian boy. Haha!


  2. sharon: thanks darl!! hahaa i actually have this fitted studded bracelet and ill wear the big big bracelet after the fitted one so the rest wun be loose!!!

    yaya!!! everything is so cute right!!wanna watch second time!hehhe.. ya i actually download the soundtrack for the video im doi for church!hahha…

    Felice: hello love, okok will show u soon k!!1hhehe

    ashley: yaya nice i love it!!! how how nice not?

    李文健 이문건 りぶんけん: hello, thanks for dropping by~~

    vvens: hahha..yeah!!! the best! wanna eat noe..argh..


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