Archi…tree memories..

oh no i dun dare to write the full name of the company
coz i made a big mistake..
today i try to search the company’s site in google
i realize…
my blog come out 1st in the search list!!!! how can?
means whoever wish to go the site come to my blog 1st..sorry sorry
so now ill replace the company name with *tree..

im busy with web design and all little tiny stuff to study and settle…
later gonna head to mum’s office so gotta finish this post
doi freelance is great..haha i enjoy my life now! Thanks God
but i need more job!!! to survive next month and next next month!hahha
sometimes i do miss working life! coz u can dress up for work, eat lunch and crap with college!
ok now as promise it all about my previous company and college..
the office.. these one right at the middle is my working place…
people beside me..left tai yang..on the right!people! he is the special guest that i mention previously in some of my post
he’s the only one who discover and read my blog! and my crapping partner in the office~
with one of the boss(green), with sean (blue), ling (black), cathy (grey) and aimi( black)

haha the drama queen.. so cute right she? Angelina, niece of the bosses..
she seldom come to the office but so happened she came on my last day
when i told her im leaving, she dun believe and go around asking everyone whether am i really leaving or cheat her…
after she found out its truth she gave me this..
tissue paper with drawing and words..hahha
so cute…

farewell lunch with all the college…
thanks boss for the free treat!
haha they are the drama king..acting yamcha in front of the water machine..

hehe..another things to give thanks to God..
surprisingly out of all my shopping i still manage to save some amount of money!
am now wondering what to buy from that
DSLR camera, Mac book or Iphone!
i need each of em for valid reason k..
DSLR- i’ve been eyeing on this newly launch camera!!!its just so cool.. and i need a proper camera to shoot like product image for my client u noe and even bring me freelance job as a photographer perhaps..hahha some more im asking my dad to share half with me! woohoo…so i can save another half of my saving!
Macbook- seriously i been dreaming of it years ago..and noe i have more solid reason of owning it! i need to meet client and show them progress or my portfolio right?..hahha..wonder how big is my business huh! i oso dunno..
Iphone- my phone is dying!! it last me for 3 years long right! but still can call and sms lar..the things is so so so boring with it already..

how how??wht would u choose?

7 thoughts on “Archi…tree memories..

  1. i'd go wif macbook..since ur a multimedia design gal,mac serves the best ;p
    plus there are some digital cameras that have awesome features..that's what i think ;p


  2. sharon: so touching right??miss her already!!!hhaa that's wht in my mind too!!!!

    vvens: thanks counted!!!

    Ashley: haiyo i miss you! okok dslr! yalo save half is the main point hor!

    shea: yalo shea darling mac serve designer best!!!! but the things is my digital camera dun serve wht i require anymore!!! huhuhu

    anyway thanks sweetie…


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