New journey

sorry for not replying email and comments and chatbox..
im really lazy coz im in holiday mood now..hahha

what a exhausted long weekend
luckily im no longer tied with work..if not this week gonna be very tiring at work
convo is really a good experience..and it may be once a lifetime thingy
wake up early-prepare- waiting – and waiting- sweating- gift- flowers- photo session
although tiring but its all worthwhile!!!
u must be bored seeing all the graduation photo in facebook
but hahha yes im posting it again here!!! not to waste mah..
pic credit to ham pa pa…
love tis pic so much!!!!
*just press read more to view…

we went back to campus on sat for the FOE and FOM graduation…and
haha shiok sendiri wear our rope…since ours are held on monday
the complete CCF family!!!!
met pretty glad to meet u!!!u’re so tall and pretty in person!!!
gorgeous yue er..whoever saw ur pic will tell me that u’re pretty!
im proud to have u to be Trendreports ambassador!
ya her top and pant are from TR
with the pretty white angels of the day!!!
not to forget my oufit!
topshop inspired mesh lace long top: Velvet Ribbon, mini skirt underneath: unknown, clincher: The envelop, shoe: Vincci +Customize..
sisters…love this photo so much!!!its good to take pic under the sun..


here come the actual days
my family! all the us are in the hall coz we have 2 graduates in the family
finally they meet…everything turn to be alright…
and so ngam that my parent just sit in front of the boyfriend’s parent..
this photo remind me of my mum’s convo pic…
my parent noe each other in uni too..
ccf!!! major love…missing the days in ccf d..
is a place we grow up together in Christ
my spiritual life is so dry these day..*guiltiness*
711 family! miss those day we just move in
the fcmer…thanks to phlox that bring us together…
miss those days we are busy with assignment and project and business too…
my lecturer!! Mr Khong!!! love the way u lead and teach us!!!
u’re the one burn my passion in design and give me lotsa encouragement of improving myself and build my inner confident!!!
Thanks shu wan and ah fai for the glove!!!so cute!!!
lucas..thanks for entertained us!haha..
shocking face..there’s always lotsa laughter when u’re around!
suzie and shevin! All the best in the future career and life!!!!
keep in touch k!
dear xue er jie, thanks for everything!!!
ding ying! she sing very very well on the ceremony!!!!
finally me and ney
its kinda special to grad with the loves one!!srsly..
cant wait to get the studio shoot we had last week!
oh ya wearing beneath the rope..its a very bad example of attire
coz they say my skirt is too short to be on the stage…
Grey Blazer: tic tac toe (super worth buy)!, black basic: online, peplum skirt: Q-losophy, belt: the envelop and Heel: BKK
the candies to gives out..sorry ya not much time to prepare!
Really thanks for all the flowers and gift!
im truly blessed…:D
yet its another journey for me after this…gonna work really hard for my life!
Thanks God for all the blessing that pour upon me these year
i gain and grow a lot in uni!

20 thoughts on “New journey

  1. pingping: thanks dear..hahha..ya hopefully..*worrying*

    vvens: thanks girl

    shea: yaya cyberjaya!then should be in same faculty as mine!!hahha..

    tommyzine: yalo y ler?u doi vy well with ur internship ler!coffe prince..hahha


  2. halo gal! finally i m here!~ lolzz i should be the first to comment as i saw tis post 8 minutes after u update it!!!!!! 😦 too bad wen the time i saw it i m too tired cz i jz bac from work 😦 singing~ wakaakka
    u look damn gorgeous in real person!!!!! i love ur eyes so much dear! n u r so small~ so cute la!!!!! i wan to be tat small!!!! but i m a GIANTTTTT!!!!! 😦 congratulations nehxx! wish u success in ur career k? no matter wat u do, jz be happy! n we will be here to support u!!! gampateh nehx!!!! chong arrrrrrrr


  3. sherlyn: haha nvm nvm..just comment whenever u free k!!!! y u so fast geh..every time i update u saw 1st..haha

    whr got!!! u more pretty k!!!even my bf say u look prettier in person ler..haha dun be small like me!!not good at all ler!

    thanks're so sweet!!!! and so cute..:D love ya..huggies!

    anonymous: thanks..:D


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