Mixed feeling

Mixed feeling I
tomorrow is my last day working at tree*
im happy but yet worry
happy becoz i’m no longer tired with working life ; im free~~~~ from work
For this whole week, i feel so bad at work u noe..coz no project so i spend most of the time surfing net, play pet society and random games in facebook
today pretending at work *thanks special guest for the pic*
psst…saw my newly dye hair!!!
Worry..*_* started to worry about my future..
no.. i never attend any interview..never meet any people for freelance..
i’m so slumber these days..playing sims 3 once i back to home..haih..
how lar..me gonna survive for the coming months!!
somebody please wake me up!!!
hahaha..btw The sims 3 is good!!! i love that coz no need spending lotsa time to loading like previous version..
stripes tank top: stockist, customize zipper short: mum’s
i rush back home after work that day to change and head to the mines to get sims3 cd!!!
but not much new stuff added in..hopefully i’ll get bored soon
so i can plan for my future…

Mixed Feeling II
Convocation will be on next Monday
–Checklist of the graduation ceremony–
[active smart card *check*]
[getting rope & invitation card *check*]
[book studio for family and self portrait *check*]
[outfits for the attend friends and own convo *check*]
blue stripes: Tea & sympathy, vintage belt: Ugly Duckling, white peplum: Velvet ribbon, pale pink cluth: old blossom, lace up flat: Vincci
have take half day leave to settle the card thingy sm more…why lar..so many things to do huh!
anyway almost all are planned and prepared..but…
the thing that me and my boyfriend worry is
There will be first meet for both of our parents!!
ya our parent never meet each other before..
but the strange things is they exchange gift for like 3 years non-stop!!
i cant imagine.. what can it turn out to be
coz both of the couple seems to be very diff from each others..in term of lifestyle and workplace…

Mixed Feeling III
last week was boyfriend’s mum birthday
i was happily joined them for dinner at Yaki Yaki
Thanks ney for the treat!!!
I always get headache when come to choosing outfit to meet with parent
spending 1 hour sitting in front of the wardrobe thinking of proper outfit to wear
and i come out with smth that im not vy satisfied with…*raise white flag*
black tee: forget, skirt: BKK, studded flat: sis’s, accessories: BKK, bag: Trendreports
izzit looks decent for you? i really dunno..or u can tell me what would u normally wear to meet the bf’s parent! wanna noe to do reference!!!
the boyfriend family! oh ya the make up part too..
i go with vy vy light make up…which made me look so pale can..*cry*
so failed lar me..hhaha..

ok end of the feeling thingy..
im so happy! i get my new blazer!! its so so pretty and nice fitting…
looking forward for tomorrow seafood dinner at klang *so far* with “cell mates”

next update will be more pic of the office and my daily life at work…:D
nitez sweetie..rmb tell me what u normally wear to meet the parents!!!

15 thoughts on “Mixed feeling

  1. see ya on sat gal! wakaka~ ohya~ i still remember the first time i see my bf's parents…i was nervous…n i know i should wear properly…however…i change my mine at the last minute..as i knw, i should let them know from the beginning wat i looks like wakaka~ n luckily…my bf's parents are quite open minded as his sister is a make up artist~ hahaha n ur new blazer, izit from tictactoe tat one? :p


  2. Omg i am quite sure my bf's family hates me because i see them almost every day so it's impossible for me to be decent all the time LOL so i jst wear whatever i please! T___T

    I ❤ your hair colour dear!! I'm missing light hair now! =P


  3. sherlyn: yaya see ya tml!!! haih i was like so regret din saw them my truth face..hahhaha!!! how good is that hor!!! yaya tic tac toe wan!!! so nice ler!!!

    jing: haha ur personality are lovable lar! they wun hate u im sure!!! if they are open minded shouldn't be a problem but mine is not..argh..

    but u do lok good in dark color hair!!if black hair for me ill look like little girl in standard five or what…


  4. kim. i'm not sure my bf family would like me or not. i hope they wont hate me even i'm not wearing tudung. i tell you what, when i'm going to meet them this hari raya, i have to wearing tudung. LOL. its not a big prob, for them and my family, but fo me it suchh a biigg biggg prob. ahaha. i'm not ready yet la to wearing it. ahaha.
    would i normally wear to meet bf's family? Biiiggg noooo! ahahaha. wear the good one then after married back to normal. boleh tak? =P

    LOL =)


  5. add:

    my mom hd told me ” if you tak pakai tudung aaa dee, they might be dun like u. and anndd u tak boleh kawin dengan your bf. then u'll cry belakang pintu.”

    soo naughty la my mom.


    take care girl!



  6. Hey babe!! i saw the blazer too!! its superb! i love the length of it!! Anyway, my bf family not to say very open minded and not to say very traditional too..Every time,i meet them i will just wear whatever i want provided that not too sexy! hahaha..Then it should be fine i think..just be yourself i think..you will feel more comfortable when you meeting them..but i think the outfit you wear to his family dinner is alright!! should be pass in parents view..hehe..no worry!! Our convo coming soon!! can't wait to see u guys!! we muz take a throw taffle picture together ya!!please don't forget about me….


  7. didi: Thanks sweetie for sharing!!!haha u so cute..but y u not ready to wear tudung ler? wearing tudung is a commitment?tudung have to wear after married?hehe wanna noe curious abt it ya..hope u dun mind..

    haha that's wht im thinking of too wear betul betul then after married back to normal..but will they get shock looking at me in normal..hahha

    aiyo..ur mum so cute wan..sabo own daughter..wun be lar..as long as ur bf love u right!!! take care too..thanks for dropping by again!!lotsa huggies..

    shevin: yayyaa!!!u brought it???the blazer..so good geh! how abt make up ar? put on normal outing make up or wht?? yalo..im kinda like too late to be myself..hahha but the outfit i wear actually dun really like ler..hahahha

    yayyaa coming vy vy soon!!!! of coz!!! the phlox'er have to take lotsa pic !!of coz wun forget u for sure..dun worry!!!!hahaha..excited!


  8. for our agama, wearing tudung like “we have to wear / wajib. for tutup our aurat.” but for me la, wear tudung when you want, i mean biar lahir dari hati yang ikhlas. do not wear it because somebody force u or something. if kita pakai dengan hati yang ikhlas, got more pahala la nanti. if being hipokrit and wear it because fashion, its not good and its look like the fake one. its my opinion lol.

    haha. they might get heart attack when tengok kita back to normal dresses. hahaa.

    *hugss ^_^


  9. you're such a sweet girl kim! anyone will fall in love with you instantly. *even the parents* hahah.

    anyway, I love you B&W stripped outfit with the high waisted pants! I always loved the jail bird look. wahahah.

    lace is another of my obssession now.:)
    take care and hope you find a job soon. till then. sims3 away!


  10. didi: thanks darl..for the info ya..yayya wear with hati ikhlas is important..agree with wht u say..:D

    ya ya!! sm more by that time they d tua tau…hahhaa

    elizabeth: arh..whr got! im still not very sure wht they think about me… me too!!!cant resist of anything with lace!!!! thanks darl..for the sweet comment!!!hugz…update ur blog!!!wanna noe more abt u!

    pingping: so ngam!!hehhe i love ur pic in ur blog..so cute!

    ashley: thanks sweetie! love it to bits..hahha love you too..muackz


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