Happy Birthday..

i found lotsa ppl around me having birthday in these few weeks..
but no presents from me..sorry~i need to save..
paying my credit card and my car loan minutes ago..
suddenly realize its such a big burden to bear with..no i din use credit card to do shopping
only for petrol purpose..good girl right..
i shouldn’t worry for the future..coz God will guide me..
either bless me with lotsa freelance job..or…ending out finding another job..*dunwan*
but i really Thanks God coz when i tell people im planning to do freelance..
i receive lotsa word of encouragement and some of them provide me networks and even jobs
Thanks so much。。。

okie back to the birthday thingy..
guess who’s birthday is it? its my da mei…17th birthday
Happy belated birthday day sista..
have a blessed birthday..wish come true!!!!
getting her yearly watch..she will always ask for a watch as her birthday present from dad
its upgrading from year to year…from Swatch to Seiko..next is wht huh?
and a birthday treat at Victoria Station..
toasting to the birthday girl..
i always tell people that me and my sibling have different face features..
when we go out people dun think we are sibling..
we did look vy different from each other right?no similarity at all..
mayb because all of us have different names
since most of the Chinese family will give they children a same middle name
ours are totally different from each other..
me 静玉 (wonder whr come the kim?..haha guess urself), bro 弼贤,1st sis 婉恬, youngest sister 荟芝
heheh..so diff right..me and bro names are given by dad and the 2 sister who have a nicer name is from mummy..*envy*
a playful shoot of us with the parent…
they like the idea.hahha
okie end..Happy birthday to u again..and guess what she just told me she will pay me some money to remake her blogspot layout..haha really that ugly meh?
Flora dress as top: Ugly Duckling, Navy blue short: sis’s, Pale pink clutch: Old Blossom, blue polka dot flat: Bazaar

and random outfit today!!
i planned to perm and dye my hair today..but noe what my hairstylist is out of the country!!
the last time i went he is back to his hometown..purposely wan or wht
arh…i cannot tahan this ugly hair anymore…
Yellow pleated: Topshop, Bodycon skirt: Taiwan, Bag and shoe: Trendreports

wasted my precious Saturday just like tat…sleep and stuck in jam “n” times
tomorrow whole day at church..and there come monday! argh..
but never mind this is my last weekend at work!woohoo..

Blessed Sunday~

oh ya thanks to girls who always give me comments….and feedback!!!u’re my strength and encouragement of keep blogging!!! love you~

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday..

  1. Naahh. ye la kim, all of you really different la. but u and your lil sister so pretty =) jealous. LOL.
    your doing freelance job? editing blog and web also? or? …

    interesting! keep it up girl! you can do it =)

    take care kim!


  2. ney: hehhe..looking forward for that!!*wink 2*

    vvens: hahaha..okok will inform u once i wanna sell it k!!!:D

    ashley: yalo i oso suprise they join in and enjoy doi it ler!!! my mum?sm times only..most of them i hide it in my cupboard d

    didi: ya kan all different..ya planing to do freelance..ya blog editing, web design and sm graphic thingy…:D thanks darl for always being here to bring me sweet words!!!luv u darl..hugz


  3. uikkkk saw ur post once u updated it but i cant leave comment! i dont know y~ google always said tat got dont know wat error~ lolzzzzz mamamia! n i think not jz ur blog…my other friends' blog too~ wakaka between, the body con skirt really chio la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am i sounds like a lala mui? hahaha really nice! n ur family so cute leh! we had tried so many times to include all of us into one picture! n always fail =.= haaha


  4. oic. come come teach me some. i've taking dip in multimedia, but i'm looking forward to do deg. which uni u suggest kim? i'm sssoooooo confusing. hahha =P
    and i've been thinking to do freelance photographer. just like my bf. i've done b4 but then i've been so lazy. LOL.

    no problem kiimmmm =) hope everything ok with you 🙂

    love you too! *huggsss*


  5. sherlyn: yalo sm times google got this kinda problem…haha no lar what lala..xia xue oso say chio a lot…ya i actually shorten the skirt..too long for me haih..shortie me! haha..sm times cute only some times not supportive at all..

    Sharon: arh! girl so sorry get to reply ur mail..will do it asap k!!!hahha the sims is pulling back from everything!my bro name is bi xian hahha ..ya the bag so sorry ya!ocd is selling e bag! do u get it from her??

    Elizabeth:haha ya im suprise with they reaction to… i dun even noe that sporting is them!

    Thanks girl..u're so sweet!

    didi:im also graduated in multimedia..uni if u taking degree then mmu can be consider..ahhaa but diploma the one is the best i think..wah freelance photographer! that's cool! u can still do that when study to earn extra allowance!!!

    Jezmine: Thanks Girl!!! ya like finally i have not much top to match with it lar..update more on ur blog!!! love reading it


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