Lace! i love!!!

its my title on lookbook for this outfit below
too blur?
haha okok a clearer one
not detail enough? here another zoom in one
can’t see the back?
haha why lar me like that! create all sort alasan to put more pic
lazy to describe where i get it from
im sure most of you know where right? its everywhere!
night at pavilion, watch “Up” with 3D spec
i want to watch another 3d movie!!please~

vain me…

im no direction again!!!! im actually wondering whether to get myself a job or what
i dunno! sometimes i just feel so lost!
ok end..of this perasan post!
bye all


Homemade???im sitting at home now making all sort of things
spend these 3 days sewing! my fingers are now full of needle hole..
hehe..but im satisfied!!! and enjoy!!
1 skirt take me 1 day to complete if only my sewing machine didn’t manja…
from drawing prototype, cutting cloth, send to tailor to sew the side part(车边)to real sewing!
ok gonna show you how my scallop, full, and peplum skirt look
hhaha ya all are skirts!
scallop skirt in pale pink!!!
the first layer i make it bit pleated like peplum d hor..
haha..but the end is scallop shape…
this picture turn out very pale…
oh ya this is not for sales ya..i still think the scallop part have to be improve!

++ Peplum skirt + full zipper+
ya im planning to sell this in several color..anyone intrested?
light yellow, turquoise, fushia pink, black and khakis
but all are available in s size only ya…
anyway so far i’ve only complete this piece in turquoise…
i love the full zipper at the back…

++Pale pink full skirt++
im so in love with this color
actually pre order a pair of nude pink ballet flat!!but who noe..haih…
so girly and easy to mix and match

oh ya my buy from tea & sympathy
another black full skirt and scallop pants!!!
hehe..yayya bee i brought it…
the puffy skirt is way puffed than mine!!!love~

hope you love it…
have to work on my web design…end of the month already!!
i earn nothing! can..
but noe wht i believe God is guiding me all this while!
He provide me whatever i need…from small things to big one
i experience Him these few days when im really frustrated with the sewing machine being manja for no reason! i pray…ya i noe is small stuff..but it works! after my prayer!
Thanks God!!! i have to learn to rely on Him on small things! so whatever i do in my life in future God will be my main purpose!

Yummy Delicious

another bangsar day with ney
grey blazer: tic tac toe, heart necklace: moca, stripes tee: stockist, pleated short: Trendreports, chanel inspired bag: online , friendship shoe: vincci

guess what i brought this time??? hehe 2 major love!!!
but i have no chance to wear any of it yet!!cant wait
im collecting the paper bag!hahha…
kimtea3 kimtea4
then we went delicious for late lunch!!
kimtea5 kimtea6
strawberry milkshake, chocolate brownies, seafood pasta
since both of us dun eat much..we start to share 1 set of meal!!!
to avoid food wasting!!! the portion is just nice for us…
the pasta is really great!!!! i always love linguine with garlic and olive oil!!
us in the middle of the street….
another random outing with the sister..
since im free in the weekdays so i can go shopping whenever my kaki is free..haha
mustard top: ugly duckling, belt: online, flora dress as skirt: catinbowl, heel: bkk, chanel inspired: online, random flower headgear on hand: bazaar
haha look at her! i think she will kill me putting this pic here!
mcd sundae cone is the best cheap yummy delicious ice-cream ever! anyone with me?
random picture of me stuck in the jam…
i miss driving…hahha..moo moo is so boring nowadays.. but i enjoy being fetch..
why lar me like tat..

yeah!!! just back from pavilion! watching UP 3D!!!
first time watching real 3D cool~~~
you just feel like touching everything in the movie..hahha..
love the story as cute..touching..and everything inside just so dreamy and colorful!!!

and i just finish sewing my 2nd peplum+scallop skirt !!!!in pale pink….
will show u girls sooner.. need to do some clean up job…
need comments from im thinking of selling my product sooner…
ok ciaoz…off to bed…
Good night everyone!!!!
have a blessed weekend~