DJ in the house

its 5am..and im awake writing blog here
and tomorrow gonna work some more…
my mum gonna kill me..but i sleep too much this few day due to sick…
anyway.. have to keep my blog updating..thought i have nothing interesting to share recently
oh ya before that i done 2 layout design
Trendreports and my sis’s blog *clicker click*
tr wantien
nice not..haha sis blog i simply wan mah..haha im bad like tat..
im building up my i can start my freelance next month!!
hopefully it work and it better work..if not i have to work full time again..argh..
curve copy
if not ill end up like the mall..wondering with raise eyebrow..haha
we met Lucas last Sunday for lunch..
never met him after graduation coz he is so busy with his career
ya he is a DJ in one fm..*visit his blog*
of coz..there some reason behind the eating eating
he brought me mine check that i won from one of the competition in one fm..
Thanks paiseh din treat u, u noe goi to be jobless..
next time k..when i become kaya..
then we went for a walk..walk in the curve?sound weird money mah
flora dress: catinbowl, vintage belt: Ugly Duckling, Clutch: Old bossom,flowe on hand: Junkyard sales, flat: Vincci
oh man, my world is territory by online blogshop..everything from online boutique except shoe..
i love the back of the dress more than the front..don’t ya?
and im crazily doi this pose that day..believe me i have more than 3 pic doi this
haha im siao i noe..who ask my photographer so rajin taking pic of me that day ..
see this..
so rajin kan?hahha..keep it up k then i will more pic to blog about..
end with a vain photo of mine..
gotta back to bed..hopefully i can fall asleep..

12 thoughts on “DJ in the house

  1. i've seen so much of this dress everywhere over the internet but i think this is the best print!

    kim ah, i have a noobie question, i have the same vintagy belt bu i do not know how to pleat it like how you do 😦 how ah how ah!


  2. oi zha po i tot u sick! u still got time do so many thing! getting better d not?the dress upper part look bit big for u ler! u too thin eat more k!take good rest!


  3. vvens: ya that's wht im thinking too..:D gimme five! hahha i do noe how to explain neh..let me wear it normal 1st…then you will hv the extra coming out part right which is longer.. then you just fold it inward to the middle part…er..dunno whether u understand ornot..hahha

    anonymous: thanks girl..:D me? elegant?hahha no one said that to me b4..hahha..glad that u love the layout..hope its more user friendly now..

    ashley: hahha yalo sick but productive mah!!! better d lor!!yalo u oso think so hor!gotta ask my mum help bit on the loose part! dun wan ar..i d fat jor!

    krish: hello darl..u work thr? italiannies at the curve? i went on e sunday..:D


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