Happily Sick

i noe this is not a very good timing to be sick
anyway im recovering from fever and flu.. not influenza A k
just my yearly fever visit!! ya i will get sick once a year in the past..
remember last year it visited me on my birthday!!!! *read*
in fact i should be thankful that it came earlier *hopefully no more*
so i can celebrate my birthday healthily huh..hehhe
i’ve been kinda productive when im on my precious medical leave
rather than spend my day sleeping i complete some design thingy i owe
to my sister blog template..i’ve completed her blog design but yet to launch, i just realize i din save up the code!!!!!!arhg…..
another blog template for trendreports Thanks God this time i save the codding and ready to publish…*wink*
and the most important stuff..church website design..i owe them for like 1 months..bad me
design done!!! and comment are back so now time to improve from that..*release*
im recover not because of i’ve enough rest or medication but
because of i’ve finally repaid my design debt
stay tune to all the design outcome yeah?

im sick but happy coz im featured in TIC!
i dun think i deserve it..anyway Thanks so much…:D

im sick but i dress happily!!!
heartshape tank: The Envelopes, heart necklaces: moca, yellow short: forget, bag: Trendreports, flat: vincci..
love this top from envelop.. but dunno y ney dun like it!!
i brought this pair of flat like 3 year ago..so long time ago right???*proud*
i do keep things…

forgive me im sick hahha i dunno wht the point of this post..
but lazy to rewrite..anyway Blessed Sunday~~~
Tomorrow shopping!!yeah~

oh ya i noe something new & great *For me* from today sermon!!Thanks God…
Go green everyone…time to save our earth!

15 thoughts on “Happily Sick

  1. get well soon,kim!
    i'm also sick..had food-poisoning >.<
    but i'm also working on Sasha Vintage's update when i'm sick haha..
    both of us are a bit of a workaholic ya~lol~


  2. Ashley: haha try diff style of editing and yalo old mah wan to act young bit..hehhe..getting well d!

    sasha: Thanks sasha!!! u too!! getting better d??? good poisoning is awful!! i experience once..so terrible! hope ya fine d k! haha yalo.. when sick more um to work!:D


  3. congratualtions dear! n yes…tats wat not everyone can achieve~ n i think tats wat every fashion blogger wish to…really congrat la~ n no doubt tat u really good in fashion! n now only i know tat u r 23~ wakaka u look so young dear~ tat s the lil privilage! for us gal such big body always the old one! lolzz haha n last but not least~ congratualations again..hope tat u can go further n further..chase ur dream…n achieve ur dreams gal~ gampateh


  4. sherlyn: thanks darl!!!u are always so sweet!! ur word encourage me lotz..ya im just so blessed and lucky!! u sure can get featured too if u post ur look in lookbook! haha yalo 23 so old d hor!no lar..u look young too..seriously!
    Thanks girl..:D to you too..dream come true


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