little reward for myself

hehe..this time im back with my buy!!!
i’ve been a good girl, shop lesser and even i go shopping i seldom buy stuff..
dunno why..working people is different..hahah
“money is so hard to earn girl”…that’s wht my parent always told me when im small
and now i know how hard it is…and noe wht
im getting my last pay this month..get what i mean last pay?
ya i’ve finally finally decide to quit the i knew it! you are the last one who know tis vy happy with my decision
i feel release and freedom…i’ve been struggling with this job since i start work
seriously i think im not performing really well but i really thanks boss for comfirm me
im just a robot everyday match to work..building house or offices..
Thanks God for wakening me, making me realize im in the middle of no where
no where near to my dream…i just hand in my letter yesterday another month to work as notice
and im planning my future slowly i dun wan to work something i dun really like in the rest of my life just like tat..
anyway cant wait for next month!! after convo!! a new me then!!
ill be free so whoever want blog revamp or web design or graphic design or whtever you need help! come to me…i’ll be free to handle any of it coz i enjoy thoes!!!
dun worry im still getting a job..but mayb not so soon
see how freelance can earn me a living or how soon i get my dream job!
God bless me..
okok..back to the buy thingy..sorry for always drag my story so far away…
overal..hehe..this month is another happy month
coz part of the buy is gift my mummy from taiwan, sometimes is good to have someone to help you do shopping..
Old blossom box pale pink cluth!! finally i got myself something from Jezmine! i failed like more than 3 times i think..always late…i love this cluth so much!!! thanks girl! added new bracelet…light green zipper dress, pale pink zipper top, black cardi from bunny noo, rose cottage dress from catinbowl..(buy sometimes ago but always forget to wear so consider as new..haha), f21 jeans skirt *best bargain ever*, the rest from taiwan..
a pencil skirt my mum brought for me…for RM10??? haha
dunno why i fall in love with it at 1st sight!
another 2 my cheapo f21 denim skirt!and love the fabric of the flora dress..
dunno lar when can wear..too many clothes too less occasion/place to go
that’s y Dotty dots keep to do some recycle ya..hhaha..
black blazer: Trendreports, black tank: online, grey pants: Trendreports
random outfit to work..
tough my job not required me to wear formal but its fun to have some theme isn’t it?


realize my new hair?im in love with the bun..ever wonder i have such short hair but i can tat big bun???no more hair perming for me next 2 month..hehe
oh ya Trendreport update..this time with promo packages!

cant wait to end this month faster!

oh ya thanks girls who sent me email with word of encouragement …
im touched by your words!!thanks all..
with God’s grace i can noe you people thru kiminpink..:D
im blessed…

12 thoughts on “little reward for myself

  1. serious? u noe when i 1st saw the skirt i tot of u!!!! its truth..but i dun dare to write there coz i scare u dun like the it..haha..ya i love the clutch to bit lar dear!!!arh.. i tot i post it on monday already..the pants are really more stuff d!


  2. ashley: last week i tot u wht im thinking hor! yala im that fast geh! yalo but havent get to wear it yet

    yuni: really? secret behind reveal soon..hahhaa..


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