Belated celebration

we missed 2 vy important event of the year
when the boyfriend in india
1st is his birthday and another one is our 3rd year anniversary
he never request for his present and warn me not to buy any for him
he is wan a treat from me…guys is always easily satisfied..
but my side is totally starting to list down my wish list for him avoid disappointment mah..ya im a bad girlfriend
so i decided to treat him Bubba Gump
which we wanted to try so long ago…and finally got a chance..
but before that i did a bit shopping…hahaha..
if your boyfriend felt boring when you do shopping
pass him the camera and ask him to take pic!!hahah..good idea right?
you’ll have pic to blog and he will not complaining..
oh ya i got myself really good bargain in f21!! show ya next update..
outfit of the day..sowie for the not so nice face..
cute pink tube: ugly duckling, white peplum: velvet ribbon, navy blue polka dots flat: bazaar, quilted bag: online…
love this tube so much!!! the color combination is a love!!! and match so well with my newly brought flat..
and finally we head to bubba for our very late(5pm) lunch…
haha..kersian the belated birthday boy..
the very tired and hungry boyfriend
the enviroment is really nice and the waiters there are helpful and friendly enough!!!
love the signage idea…!!
us with lotsa shrimp on the table…we both have like more than 20 shrimps?
forget wht we order but i simply in love with this blueberry drinks!!!its so so nice…luv it!!!
and a picture to end this..Happy belated birthday to you, ney
and belated anniversary for you as always..muackx

is time to save money!!!no more good food and shopping!!!
reason one…i nid to start diet d..did u notice i’ve gain some weight since i start work??*scream*
reason two…not enough income..hahha..too much burden to loan loan..
reason three..i’ve big plan goi on..nid to save up money for future!

next up my buy this month..:D
chaoz..i already have monday blue now!!argh..

15 thoughts on “Belated celebration

  1. first time commenting…been following ur blog for quite some time now..and no…i dun think u gain any weight…in fact i think u should gain a little! u are way too tiny!!

    ps: i hope u dun mind that i link u on my bloggie..



  2. Yasmine: hehe! thanks darl..for the quilted bag i got it from lovely dovey for kinda cheap deal!:D

    Sasha: thanks girl..hehhe the restaurant is call Bubba Gump specialize in shrimp..:D available in the curve and sunway pyramid..that wht i noe..hehhe

    ashley: belated apa lar!haha thanks lup u!

    Joyjoyce: hello girl..nice knowing u!!and thanks for commenting ya! seriously i gain weight especially on the tummy and shoulder!! problem darl..thanks for linking anyway!:D

    shea: Thanks manis! but sometimes i feel like bring a little boy out!hahha..:D shhh..


  3. ney: haha get caught! dun read my comment k if u dun comment..hahah

    Jezmine:Thanks lagi cute!ya cantik gila! i love it so retro and service is good!!! received the pants? hope you love it ya!


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