i miss free weekdays

yeah tomorrow is weekend again..
i really miss those days in school when you can just go for shopping, movie and stuff on weekdays
no nid to be in crowds, cheaper singk rate, cheaper movie ticket…and parking fee
yala im cheapo like tat..
now i can only do that if i take leave..but annual leave is like something really precious
only can take for really special reason..*no like somebody* hahha..i knew it!
frankly speaking i really really dun enjoy working life!!…
weekdays ill automatically turn to be a robot at work and only come alive in weekends
that’s y i only good the mood to update my blog on every Friday night!
okie back to jb post now..since we went k session with sun this time
in fact its long time ago since both of us singk together-gether
outfit 1st
flora dress as top: Ugly duckling, vintage belt: ugly duckling, pale pink tutu: velvet ribbon, vintage flora sling bag: Trendreports, flower ring : sunway pyramid, and nude tied flat: vincci…
random pic of us singing….miss you so much sun…
they are the love in my life!!! love you both!
so happy they can get along quite well..hehe
and noe wht my ney who have the gold mouth can sing in front of my bestie!!
sun, you’re lucky u noe..hahha

end..haha ya its a short post…
gonna update tomorrow..with our anniversary cum ney’s birthday celebration
Thanks God for this weeks…:D
and thanks ney for always being there for me..luv you…

p.s: oh ya sorry for the grammar mistake made in my post..im trying to improve that’s y i write my blog in english.. bear with me ya..

5 thoughts on “i miss free weekdays

  1. nice skirt!!!! i m so in love wit tis skirt! n i tak sampai hati to wear it! n its quite short for me too la~ haah almost the same length wit urs after u thrit it~ wakaka n i miss free weekdays too! i miss my school life~ can go out wenever n werever u wan! so good~


  2. continue study lar! actually u plan ornot?like the tone of your outfit pale pink,look vy girly on you! wei dun worry about the typo or grammar thingy lar! we are not here to write A+ English essay ok! we are here to read you!


  3. totally agree with ash! u love ur style that's y we r here mah! take ur time k! when lar!can i singk with you! u still so slim whr got gain weight siao ar u


  4. sherly: yaya..but you have to wear it coz its nice mah!!cannot take sampai hati..is my way of appreciating it..hahha! ya lo you're tall!!! dun worry u have nice leg wht! so is ok to be bit short! ayaya so good right when in mmu can just simply go out in weekdays..

    ashley: if u sponsor me lar!! hahhaa…like u meh!can continue and continue and continue..haha but really my bad on this mah!!but really appreciate ur encouragement!!love you as always

    shea: ya so so boring kan!!! ya btw how long is ur intern dear? 3 months? then continue study back?

    yinle:hahha..love you too!!! when lar?i oso dunno when u coming back!got ar!!i havent go to weighting machine!!haha i only trust weighting machine in the mall..though have to pay!!!haha siao eh me


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