A broking day…

ok i think i should stop bit for the jb part..
coz seems to be no one interested in it..anyway..ill still do it in between my updates

i dunno wht happen today..
im too reckless or mayb that’s devil following me..haha
this morning i woke up early to attend sunday service coz today is the 9th anniversary of the church..since there sm deco stuff to settle so we have to go earlier..
then i do normal wash up make up and stuff and iron my skirts..
and i dunno wht happen to me…half way iron i drop the hot ironic iron on the floor..
but im like purposely drop it or what..coz i do noe that the end of e iron board but i still continue iron and ya its drop like that so loud so loud while all my family are asleep…
but luckily no one woke up
ok fine..its broke really broke i dun think there a way of fixing it
so wht to do..i gotta spend my own money buying a new one
coz my mum is away again..this times she fly to taiwan..
y ar..my mum always travel without bringing us!!!
in my mind electronic applies are always expensive..hundres dollar just fly like that..sob..
then then..bearing that on mind after the dressing up thingy
im matching my bag.. testing on which bag to wear…
then kan…after decided which bag to wear i go in to my room to get smth
when come out my stupid bag knock on the vase in the corridor!!
and noe wht it broke!!!!!!!!!!! what is this keep happening..
this time is really really loud one.. imagine those tradisional china vase drop on the floor
my sister woke up..i think i woke my neighbour up too..hahha
but im not gonna replace one i think coz i dun think i can affort..
ill be a good girl like those stories in kindergarden seeking for forgiveness from mummy..
Thanks God the iron is actually not that expensive as expected
i brought a medium quality wan..for less than hundreds…
okay end of my broking stories..hope it really end..
i dun wan my pocket to broke again!!!!

okie..outfit yesterday night…
me being a vy kepo girl..attend MMU FA (Film & animation) showreel night..
coz ney ney is part of it..though his work does not show but its always the best in my heart k!
no pic of the events..coz its all about sceening of top work only picha of me..ahha
i noe u’re getting sick of it..but i oso no choice hahha..
im goi for kinda….erm i dunno wht look
but its totally diff from wht i had previously right…
mustard yellow top: ugly duckling, grey pants: Trendreports, heels: BKK, bag: Trendreports..
back hehe..love the bow design….
im so extra that night..im sitting near to the toilet..
i found myself a task of answering ppl where’s the toilet and telling them there’s somebody inside..useless right me..haha
ok one more to end..camwore in the toilet..
i noe im vain..ok chaoz..another busy week at work..argh…

12 thoughts on “A broking day…

  1. sherlyn: haha not cute lar..so stupid me..yaya i love the top so much too..specially the back..hhehe

    shea: thanks darl..:D

    Jezmine:..yaya sweetie havent wanna launch yet..shhhhh…but can give u 1st if u wan ya..we have black and this grey the material is vy vy comfy!!! tell me if u wan k


  2. wth! A broking day… apa story ini!空虚!
    and u knw what, the word verification for this comment is “CIBER”. wth! sounds like “cibXX”

    sorry, too wuliao. saw ur email then come to visit ur blog.


  3. hahha yalo me kong xu!!!haha the verify thingy give according to person de…anyway thanks for dropping by!

    ashley: haha no lor..actually not expensive..ya no gua this time cant buy coz we afraid d..hahha


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