Call me Auntie kiM

its weird!! today is sat and im waking up this early to write….
sorry for late of update ya…

hey noe wht im old so suddenly thought can
especially when i meet my bestie’s son in jb last week
i couldn’t believe we are that old already..
the girl..girl??should i use girl or lady…haha
anyway she is the mummy whom i noe for 23-7= 16 years..
gosh that so long so long…
in fact its my 1st meeting with tis little cute baby..b4 that we really dunno how big or how old is and son brought a set of smart outfit for him in 4 years old size!!! stupid..anyway he can still wear when he grow up right?
do u ever experience carrying a baby of a mum that same age with ya?
that’s really weird!!!!!or its for me only?
and im memang ok if he call me auntie…becoz throughout the night im the only one who saying: come auntie carry! come auntie play play..and stuff.
while my friends who are still dun wanna face the fact is like keep complaining cheh cheh (a.k.a sister) ok..
the little happy family…its funny we have this interview with the mummy and daddy
about birthing a child.. explaining to us how pain how torture it can be to give birth a baby..
but they ended everything with: indeed its totally worthy ok!!
the four of us…they are the closers friend of mine in sec sch..
sun who is so kersian having gastric problem that night.
.see she touching her stomach in every pic
lian and weiyen..miss you girls so much…
the girls…
it was our meeting after 2 years…everyone changed..but our friendship will never change..
we get along in “remove” aka peralihan..haha no longer there already i noe
but to make it clear my mum is the one who force me to take remove k..weird right
she has her own reason for my good..and im thankful with that..
if not i cant achieve better and noe this bunch of cute friends
random picha taking…with everyone…
finally a group picha of all..with the guys..
i really hope to have more gathering like this
but im no longer in jb anymore..i miss all of you so much!!!
Take care and God love you girls..muacks

6 thoughts on “Call me Auntie kiM

  1. ashley: haha wooray for u!! start lar!!y not!!ur life vy lasak one wan mah me ? u 1st lar!

    didi:girl no time nvr heard of u..hope you're doi fine ya!! is old old aunty kim! miss you


  2. aarrghh.. so nice, u get to meet them, i long time nvr see them ler.. is that yong juan's son? cute.. hee hee.. how old ler that baby? they look so hangfuk.. hee hee..


  3. haha. yeah! kinda busy lah Kim. doin' practical now, && gonna futher study lagi soon, fo my degree ;D but now too blur to choose which course lah. LOL.
    hope u're doin' great kim!

    miss you too kim 😉

    PS: i do always read your blog lah ;p
    always hve lah lah

    hahahha 🙂

    take care!


  4. Joanne:ya lo i force them out if not i oso dunno when can meet them again..yaya wen juan not yong juan..haha yong juan is another girl..cute hor!he nvr cry wan ler no matter how we torture him..its around 6 month..

    didi: hahah..ic ic..all the best to u ok!!!im doi fine too..nth much interest happen in my boring working life..hahha
    enjoy ur study time ya!!study is the best!take care..


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