JB’s shopping

its 1am now just back from movie..
what else can drag me to the cinema other than Transformer..
but i still prefer the 1st one…
another thing…
Thanks God! i’ve been confirm by the company
it really like a test for my ability!! confirmation means pass..increment means grade..
hahha..dun ask me wht grade i get!
and and another things..
i’ve been losing interest of blogging ler..how ar???sometimes i do thinks to set my blog to private so i feel more comfort or open to share thoughts and feeling…

anyway today all about shopping in JB
JB er..mayb not a shopping heaven for us but for Singaporean..
coz its near and the currency let them shop cheaper in jb..
that’s stuff in JB are getting expensive than KL…
but anyway there’s only 3 major shopping complex in JB
City Squares, Jusco Tebrau and Plaza Pelangi
ya not much huh..can u can still get good stuff…
this time i went 2 out of 3 city squares for shopping of coz
plaza pelangi for sing-k
some of the boutique u can found in cs (City Square)..
mostly are imported from bangkok i think…
a really nice design boutique!! notice the SA on the left??so tall can!!!
a random back of us…
other than shopping complex..the girls next door is wht you should not miss in JB
it situated at Jalan Dobi a really old street in the town that belong to Sultan Johor..
noe wht u can have ur hairdo there too..is a salon cum boutique..
oh ya this week..i really really goi for permanent curls…
been lazy to do the curly thingy in the morning d…wish me luck k
style shoot with jb new custom as background..
black singlet: online, handmade studded bow, f21 studded belt, Tea and sympathy checker peplum, flora bag: Trendreports and Friendship shoe again..i just love it so much!!forgive me
with sun sun, really thanks darl..for accompanying us for the days..
love you and miss you already…..

ok chaoz..time to sleep….
Nitez all
start tomorrow with thankful heart..
love you Jesus..thanks for all the blessing that u’ve pour upon me..

15 thoughts on “JB’s shopping

  1. vting: welcome darl..hehhe really?? glad that u love it..im still improving in it! you're are skinny too darl..:D

    hanyu: hahhaa..yayya you should go one day

    ashley: yeah! thanks dear! gift when u back k! missing you…

    jezmine: oh my darling you're here!! more time?you're not working in maria carey anymore full time old bossom?..i so wanted to work in publication.. haih!
    JB ya..its fun! you should go one day lotsa great vintage stuff to grab! i love your outfit lagi more sweetie!


  2. shea: thanks darl!!!you're cantik too!!!thanks for linking ya!! linked you back ok???

    yuni: hahah..thanks sweetie..haih hope so..but nid to save up abit..oh ya replied you d k!!


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