Random Happy things

oh my im so happy right now…
deserve to write a post..hahhaha
God sent me half day leave tomorrow..Thanks God..
haha..no lar.. i should Thanks boss 1st coz they need all our pc for rendering purpose
so we go work oso no use..mah ask us to stay at home half day lo..
ya i noe half day only it mean i can wake up late~~~
and go to the post office..mail out stuff…
i think i make a good decision of resigning from the job..
see how happy is me eventually just half day away from work!
i really my blog is more about outfit then my own nowadays huh…
so no pic in this post..haha..jk lar..
not much nice outfit post recently coz im always in vy light make up
which make me look vy pale in most of the pic..
since i start working..weekend is so so so precious to us u noe
and it always pass so fast! i hate Sunday night and Monday morning the most
hahha..yala im a emo working adult
if u ask me to say out 100 point of disadvantages of working life
i can tell u 1000! hahha..anyone with me?
but who noe after a month im back to working life! touch wood touch wood
hope not lar…anyway a random outfit to work.. like long time ago
coz i have no more ump to dress up for work already..wht happen to me
Acid Jacket: Trendreports, White tank: Topshop, Black mini: forget, Glass tight: online, friendship shoe: vincci
i love to wear this set to work..been repeating this for some times
coz its so comfy!!!! i can sit kaki terkangkang hahha..will show u the pic how i sit in the office next time with this baju
silk jacket: Trendreports, Grey long tee: Zara, lame legging: Velvet Ribbon, gladiator: random
since most of my college are guys..sometimes its make me feel comfy to wear something boyish and safe…
zipper top: Bunny noo, silk jacket: Trendreports, Black mini: forget, legging: online
see i prefer something safe and comfortable when come to work..
not fashion at all lar me..hahha
y har..my post still cant run away from outfit pic! i got nth to blog about other than that!
off to call the boyfriend before he go to bed poor thing he have to get up quite early to work..
ok a post with no point at all..
nitez sweetie~

i love Daiso

or should i say i love cheap stuff..
hahha..Daiso sell lotsa cool stuff from Japan with really cheap price!!
i visited 2 different Daiso branch in single days..
see how crazy is me..
they have plenty of cute little thing to dig and discover!!!
i went the curve, Daiso in the noon…
and Daiso at 101 at the night!!!
me haha..i cut off my ugly face…
my Daiso outfit
white bow mini dress: Trendreports, Jean mini: F21, Bag & shoe: Trendreports,
part of the stuff i brought..in pink..for customize thingy!!
gonna decorate my workplace for my freelance
oh ya i started the 1st project on Trendreports ripped studded tee on sales…
limited so far all are reserved once i post the teaser up..
next will be f21 inspired peplum..for sales..im excited to start on that already!!!*scream*
i wanna keep one for myself ler!

another week to work..haih…
oh ya my convocation on next week already!!!*excited*
my mum is worrying about what to wear already..hahhaa…gonna bring her shopping
Thanks God i’ve go this far…
uni life-> graduated-> full time job-> Resign-> convocation-> ???
i been gone thru lotsa huh!!hahha..

A short one

too many picture too lazy to blog….
i love life looking forward for something, and now im looking forward to become jobless..
woohoo how excited is that!
will try to blog tomorrow rather than today my “scheduled” blogging Friday night..
im just too lazy to write or reply email or anything..sowie babe..gimme some times..

28“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30 (New International Version)

a verse that sis xue er love to encourage us with…always in my mind..
hope you are fine now..:D