urbanscapes!!is over..
we spend like 2 hour finding our way there..crazy right?
us in the midst of lose in unknown road…
when we reached the traffic is bad! parking is not well organize but who care…
my main motive is to shop and meet great ppl!!!
but no picha for the event this time go tic to view k…
ok outfit 1st

headband: BKK, studded fringe long top: Girl next door, bag sling bag: Trendreports, assorted bracelet: BKK+ online, Customize studded shoe: Vincci

this time with ney outfit too…
ney ney luckily i ask him to change last min he came to fetch me with kinda formal look
white collar shirt..long shelve some more..and black skinny..
coz the weather was so so hot and we are sweaty all the way!
baby blue tee: BKK, belt: City square, jb, Stripes pant: Phlox Studio, Camera pounch: BKK, slipper: BKK

guess who i met!!!!
hoe’s sister!!oh my i’ve been they faithful reader..
luckily jing call me if not i really missed the chance of meeting them face to face
they are like dolls k…come out from the monitor..(coz read blog thru pc mah)
they are so friendly and pretty lar!!!! love their way of dressing and so tall..im so short!haih
u girls are hot lar..
and i met sharon!!!! the girl that i’ve sharing lotsa things with thru mail!!
she is so pretty in person!!! love her outfit color scheme..so soft so sweet..
really nice meeting u, girl…
sadly i get nothing..there’s lotsa nice stuff selling but just dunno y everytime when come to bazaar..haih..i just dun feel like buying…
after that rush back home for my youngest sis birthday dinner
we had our haagen-dazs feast again, chocolate fondue, mango tango and chocolate tiramisu..
but it was kinda disappointing..
the fruit is not fresh and the presentation is not up to the standard..
anyway..thanks mum

Blessed week to all..
God bless…

7 thoughts on “urbanscapes…

  1. owhhh da sisters r really nice!!!!!! n i lovelovelove ur outfit!!!! never have a chance to wear like tis cz it doesnt suit me! i find bangles for so long, but until now i still din found any 😦 lovelovelove ur style la gal~ wish to meet u one day too k? ha


  2. this gonna sounds weird.. but..


    hur hur.. i dunno how i can dream of someone i've not met in real life.. T_T cant remember exactly, but i was in your moo moo car and we're heading for shopping T_T

    read your blog too much.. LOL..


  3. bee-choco: ya haih!!! next time we just contact each other to meet up lar!hahha..okok??me oso wanna meet u ler!!!

    sherlyn: ya there are really nice and friendly!!! ya u're girly girly type..:D u look great in dress smth i fell i look ah gua in girly dress..hahha..ookok!!! must meet up with u!!!

    cryst: ahahaha..so farny wei!!!i cant stop laughing!! mayb ill dream of u tonight!!! meet u in the dream k!! i think we should make the dream come true lets meet for shopping k..


  4. Hello! You're also very pretty lo..! and so petite! (Can put you in my pocket hahahaha :P)

    Really nice meeting you in person! & luckily you call me or else we will just “擦肩而过”

    Have a fruitful weekend & God bless you Kim 🙂


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