my tricks on skirt

*this is a schedule post*

im in the midst of holiday in s’pore i think by now..:D
should be in far east i hope! my favorite mall in orchard! but no money..sob sob
gotta show u all my tricks i do on my oversize skirt..
actually i hv no secret d..i’ve share everything here and i enjoy doi it
especially i get feedback from u..!!thanks u girls..
ok stop the crap..
since im pettie..(but i do think i gain weight ler!!how ar?)
lotsa skirts even in s size normally and especially high waist skirt dun fit me well.
u too right? high waist become low waist for me pulak..
these are part of my skirt that do not fit me
peplum, bambi skirt, tutu in peach and black, pink puffy skirt..
such a waist for not fitting those pretty nicely right..
as wht i promise bee earlier..showing how i pin my skirt..
1. the nude tutu i get from velvet ribbon…
2. every skirts will have this connection on the waist! find it
3. and try to get the gap that is loose for u
4. fold it into the inner part..
5. pin it with safety pin vertical not horizontal as in the pic pin it straight k
if not will turn out shape
5. the final outcome its just like the connection as u see in pic 2…

but there are skirts that still does not look good after pin it!
either the waist part is thinner than the safety pin or the shape of the skirt itself
this pluffy skirt of mine will never look good no matter how i pin it
so the only way i figure out is to turn it to paperbag skirt..
and the pluffed part will be more pluffy!!!

other than skirt.. i have belt!!that not fit too…
u must thinking why i buy smth that doesn’t fit me!!coz its too hot to resist
and my mum will always there to figure out a way to make it fit on me
f21 studded belt!wht my mum do was to fold the the extra part
and sew it with hand..and its fit me so well can…
thanks mum~~~~

okie dookie..finish my tricks
outfit today to work..
got two ler…coz i always change my mind..b4 i step outta house..
u noe i hv to think a lot ler! coz my college will always make story out of the clothes i wear
im planning for sm formal look..
black turtleneck: MNG, Black Clicher: online, polka dots panel skirt: Upcoming T.R
selling of the clincher..anyone interested? and the skirt!! so cute can..wanna get it? tell me!

my final outfit…*i told u i have a twin..hehhe*
die die wanna wear smth that suit my shoe..
long yellow cardigan and heart necklaces: Mooie & Moca, Vintage belt: forget, white tank top: Topshop, black mini: stockist,
bag and shoe: Trendreports..

argh..i thinking so much recently about my future!!
i do think i need a change but im too lazy to step out…
to go out of comfort zone is the most difficult things!!
smth i wish but i cant share it here!!!argh…
God please guide me!!what Your plan on me…
what should i do.. *pray*

i suppose to be in holiday mood huh..but after this still have to face the truth..

6 thoughts on “my tricks on skirt

  1. thx kim~~~~~
    after reading it i tried it on the peplum, and yea~~~
    finally can wear liao…

    about the pluffy skirt hor,
    haizz…i brot it for alteration,
    and it's too fitted at the waist,
    until it looks so short for me…
    everytime i wear it, ppl *especially M*L*Y guys* will try to peek lor!!
    ish ish…


  2. bee: really??!! glad to heard that babe!! hehhe..oh yalo there always this kinda ppl wan!!be careful k..and wear safety pants underneath!

    ashley: haha im back!!shorten trip coz of swine!!! hahah yaya kinda real hor


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