i sew my first skirt!!

**its 12 just back from work…*exhuated* dun blame me if there lotsa mistake in this post k!

yeah~ ya i have my 1st selfmade skirt
in fact most of it is my mum work..im still learning mah..
thanks to yasmine!!after reading her blog she actually burn back my customize fire
i’ve stop handmade stuff from this post…
and this time round i made my own skirt!! peplum skirt + flora fabric!!
real sample making, real sewing involve this no fake or pin here and thr!
the puffy layer of the skirt i realize its really easy to create pleated with sewing machine
more pleated mean more pluffy…i luv pluffy skirt, so do u right?
some artistic shoot by my sister when im sewing…
dun ganjiong with the final outcome…c more back of the scene picha ok?haha
me sewing with mouth half open..haha i dunno y!
since im not putting any elastic banding on the waist so everything have to be vy accurate..
from waist, hip to thigh have to measure so its fit well
ok now im wearing it…so matching with the belt right *best purchase ever*
this skirt take me and my mum 1 to 1 and the half day to complete
time consuming and we both kinda happy with the final outcome..
yes this is how it look! how u think?nice not?
i luv it to bit…the waist have this hard cloth to hold, pleated part are puffy enough and the gold zipper at the back!!! totally luv it!!
but not yet have a nice outfit shoot with it..gimme some times…

and other customize stuff i did that night
ya i noe studded been in trend for some times..
but i still have some left with me..not to waste mah..
studded black bow and studdize pair of shoe my mum brought back from bkk
zipper bracelet…saw some blogshop selling it ridiculous expensive..
mine with studded cost is RM3..hehhe..
and bow on hand stuff..wht i do previously just tied with rubber band or stuff with it on my hand
but this time i do it properly

ok end!
how how?how u think my flora peplum?nice not?
p.s: hehe..yeah yeah ney is coming back on sat morning!!!which is….TOMORROW!
woohoo..excited..erm..which dress should i wear…hahha..
nitez all

17 thoughts on “i sew my first skirt!!

  1. Love your handmade stuff! If you have the extra time to burn, pls do some for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)))))) The zipper stud bracelet just take one zipper and stud it right? I bought one at RM15 from this online shop, bloody it was so simple I didnt know actually it is so simple at first. haha. I wanna go buy zippers, studs and more soon! Any idea where to buy awesome studs? Not in bulk la, maybe in 50 piece? 🙂


  2. Sew one for me too please!please lar
    with wht ever u left!make one same skirt for me!hahah! as bd present or Christmas or anything will do hahha

    im waiting here~~


  3. Sarah: Thanks girl..

    Nana: hehhe glad that u love em..:D i hope i hv extra time too..work is eating me slowly..how i wish just to sit at home and sew clothes i wan to sell!!!
    ya 1st i oso tot of buying it..but the blogshop owner din reply..luckily she dun so i decide to make one for myself..:Dyayya wht u nid to do just pin the studded on the zip and stick it together will do! till now i still have no idea whr to get it in kl ler..coz i actually get it from bkk

    yinle:hahah if i hv time k? haha but i dun i hv ahhahaha!!im bad like tat! u hire me then ill sit at home everyday sew for u k?

    cryst:hahha thank teacher! hug!

    shevin: still haven't get a nice one ar???try to keep update with tictactoe..they're bringing in oversea stuff!!might have…

    sying: helo girl!!thanks!!!and thanks for commenting!!hugz…

    Yasmine: now without sewing machine u already can made so many things out! when u brought onE!!u can oen shop d!! Thanks..glad that u love it..u're my inspiration!


  4. goshhh, i love ur peplum till the rocket is out of the planet d!!!
    it's juz so lovely with the belt together~

    and and, where did u get studs, i did try to get from those shops selling materials nearby my house, but, they dun have it 😦

    and, u r rite leh, yasmine makes me so wanna make my own things as well~~


  5. bee: haha girl.thanks the stud i get from bkk ler..i oso cant find any shop selling it here..yalo she's the diy queen!!!

    vvens: thanks love..:D

    Vivien: sorry girl..not selling it ler..but will make more for sales if i hv extra time k?thanks…hugz..

    jing: oh my!!u're here!!!thanks for dropping by girl for comments!!!glad that u love it too..


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