im not a music person….

we had a very eventful father’s day..
so happen my sister “invite” us to a recital at klcc
in fact im the one paying for the tic..argh..*regret*
so before its the concert start we went for some shopping and lunch at Mdm. kwan…
outfit of the more excited to dress up than to watch the recital..
..goi for kinda vintage feel..
familiar backdrop huh..ya borrow from Trendreports…
Tea & sympathy love this dress so fitting and striking..
Ugly duckling vintage belt, Trendreports upcoming bags and turquoise velvet flat
so good to out with only one nid to a bad sister..i noe
the pic was taken when my dad trying to kill us in the car..
coz he will always lock us in the car without door or window open whenever he pump petrol..
its so “kok” k!!!i rmb once i angry with ney because he did that to me too..
dad and mum with their smiley face..actually forced by me!
me with my beloved partner! see my head so big right!!!sigh
then kinokuniya to buy father’s present..but ended up nth
i still cant find the book that Pastor Wong recommend me to buy for my dad!!!
and guess wht i found in japanese department!!!the lastest japanese version vivi..
i din buy coz it cost freaking RM43 smth!!! i can buy a top already…
so after all the shopping thingy we attend the recital for an hour
4 diff group of musician playing piano, violin, blah blah and blah blah..
*sowie..i dunno wht the name*
my parent sleep half an hour i think!!hahhaa…luckily they din snooze if not..memalukan us
as for me..i loss my focus every 10 min looking the musician..
and always ended up asking myself y am i here ar.. not a music person like my sis k..
she the one who stay awake and listen and appreaciate..
as she’s playing not music talent at all..
i learnt piano when i was 5 and stop b4 6 years old…ya tat’s me
but im like karaokea also right?..haha
then at night..again my dad favorite restaurant..
*lao ma zhi steamboat*..we went twice a month..and we upgrade vip there d i think
coz my dad will book earlier and we always sit at the same old table…
and special offer on meat. although we are kinda sick of it d..
but its Father’s no choice…

Happy father’s day to you, dad
and my Father in heaven!

update: i just realize father day is next Sunday…hahha so everything its in advance..

p.s: oh my!! my peplum is done!!!1st ever selfmade skirt!!thanks my super mummy!!!
update soon with more customize stuff ..:D
nitez all..

10 thoughts on “im not a music person….

  1. i just wanted to tell u next week only is father day lar my dear! anyway nice outfit ler!1st time c u in vintage!nice and cute! u make ur own peplum?how how?wan to see!faster update


  2. yawnn.lao ma zi again ar…ahah…
    and bb u bai wu lungg…next sun only fathers day..lucky i didnt listen to you 😛 blehhh


  3. yuni: hahha!!yalor stupid me hor! all blame my dad!! he is the one keep asking when is father day when june start!! we oso confuse by him so celebrate earlier for him..

    ney: till phobia d..u come back cannot eat d ya! hahha..


  4. ops…ter post..

    ash: haha yalo we same pace one!! not music person hor! cannot take pic in the hall ler..

    lynette: thanks girl!

    haha..thanks so much ya for waiting us!!its a pretty blazer!!!i luv it to bit!!oh ya linked u..:D


  5. sherlyn: yaya its 43 u din get wrong!!i thinks coz its same latest version as japan! july japanese version!!

    sherlyn & yasmine:the bag's price is 54..but now i hv black and dark brown..if u want this in vintage brown tell me then i gotta restock on it…and oh ya..other than this bag i hv another two which is cuter one..*wink*


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