im ugly duck!

hehe..another happy post!
as i told earlier i successfully save up some money from last month from the previous post
so i reward myself with more shopping..*guiltiness*
whenever somebody ask me what is my hobbies or wht i do in free time!
ill answer shopping! without any doubt…
sometimes i do ask myself why i got nothing else better to do than this expensive hobby
maybe coz im ugly! i nid something pretty like clothes, accessories to turn me into a swan
maybe that’s the reason y i love…
Ugly duckling…(my favourite online blogshop)
love every piece in their collection although im rather late
but i still manage to grab a few..
always love their packaging..and the owner!!
she is so honest and sweet!!
without pakaging….
hehe.. 5 from ugly duckling, 1dress from tea & sympathy, black tutu from honey pumpkin,
flora cloth for my next creation!!woohoo.. *another 3 is yet to come*
i got secret plan on go… 1st part is done
now left the last and most important step hopefully tml will complete and it turn out great!
and ill show it here k..:D stay tune..
everyone is on flora am i!! flora headgear and earring from bazaar



as promise my black and white week…
sorry i only manage to take pic for 3 days…
lazy to descript.. sowie..haha
and my sombong face again!but this times pic look like inner-fighting of wht huh
outfit last monday..marina!!!*love*
blazer, b & w stripes singlet, navy blue puffy skirt, the envelop clincher, black tight and friendship shoe…
today lotsa i’ve been thinking of lotsa things…
seeing this cruel society with cat fight and rat race…
hopefully im not involve in any of it! i just wanna be in my comfort zone…
being with God is only the safer time i have after the tiring day of work
i have to pick up a good sipirtual lifestyle and quiet time from now on…
no more laziness, kim! wake up!! its time to wake up!!! *real inner-fighting*

P.s: thanks to girls..that email and text me word of encourgement about my blog, my style and my design!!!its so touching!!! im really grateful to noe lot of u thru kiminpink!!! !!! its really special to get to u girls thru this medium!!! lotsa hugz and kisses!!!

p.s.s: linking button added!!! tell me if i miss urs!or ask me to add u in the list k!!:D

-God bless-

8 thoughts on “im ugly duck!

  1. wah u very geng chao lo!!!!! i ve a mission on next month!!! save a lots of money to buy dresses from T&S!!!!!!!!argghh i m broke tis month becz of intern!!!!! sobbb


  2. are gambateh together and really have constant quiet time with God!~ God will protect and bless you!~and ya..i agree…society is cruell….everyone have 2 faces >.<


  3. Sarah:ya girl!!hahha really..u must be brought earlier than me coz mine already last piece got sm dirty thingy but who care!hahha..u should noe the yellow one is from ugly duckling..wearing it sooner..hehhe

    sherlyn: haha wht is geng chao btw? hahha!really?gambateh ya!! after next month u'll get ur pay d right?sure can buy a lot!!! dun sad.*sayang*

    ney: alright ney, 😀 u gotta guide me with this then!

    yuni: sure girl!! but not so sooner ar..if i wear all i got no clothes to wear
    thanks for the text btw!!hugz!


  4. Kim, i love the stripey blouse in TR but im tooo late, way too late !!!

    Anyhoo, black themes for this week.. how bout next week *winkz*

    Kim! im looking for nice black blazer.. do u know where i can get the blazer like urs ?!

    Take k !!! *hugs*


  5. ey, thank you for the linking too! and eh i wanna buy the ugly duckling's belt but all sold out 😦 damn sad 😦 and your last pictures, the clothes combi, i did that too minus the leggings. hahaha.


  6. Lynette: sorry ya darl..coz its imported..we cant restock on it!!but but this time we bring in blazer!!!! nice one which i wanted to sell off my to get that!!! week update exact date yet to confirm..pls bear with me ya!!

    Vvens:ehehe..welcome sweetie, ya ugly duckling stuff have to flight want haha..really??without legging should be nicer hor!coz gotta go work so i have to be bit sopan..hahha..:D


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