Back dated….

again a week that i hv nth interesting to blog about..
my life is boring ain’t it?
bear with me especially the post i’ve promised earlier..
pic are taken im just too lazy to transfer it to my pc and edit!!!
the 1st thing i think of every time i reach home is to SLEEP!

but i found some pic in my flickr that i’ve edited but no topic to blog about…
so now another lapsap post…
a family pic taken in my aunt house when chinese new year…
my brother, me, sisters, cousin’s baby, my dad, and mummy
in case u dunno im eldest daughter but my sibling are all taller than me…
my brother is the even my youngest sister is same height with me!!
wht happen to me?u can me shortie short kim


that’s how my hair look when im lazy to blow and style..
was last month i met my Vietnamese friend
that i know them from Student Congress *click*
i cant join this time!since im no longer student..miss them so much


im so into hair stuff that doesn’t give any mark after using it
the wire rubberband shevin gift it to me!! Thanks girl!no matter how long i tied my hair with it
my hair wun have any ugly mark or out of shape..
and another two is for fringe with same function!


my 1st freelance blog design had finally launch!!!!
sasha! thanks for this opportunity!and believing me!!
im in love with it!!cant control myself of clicking sasha site *click*
wht do u think????
want to revamp ur blog??find me!!! special offer to kiminpink’s reader!!hehe…

another photo of us that i din put in that previous post!!!
yeah! he is coming back in 11days!!!
im no longer alone…
counting down excitedly

ops its 1022 !! bed time!!hahha…im a healthy girl!
Nitez all..

9 thoughts on “Back dated….

  1. nice pic with ney~ looks like you guys are having tango..hehe..

    kim,i'm the one who should say thanks to you for revamping my blog =) love your design to bits!!! and you're such a nice person to work with! everyone who needs to have their blog redesigned should definitely see kim ok? lol~


  2. shin: hello long time nvr heard from u!how's everything? thanks! great that u love it!!yeah he is coming back..

    sasha: hahha…ya kinda old sch kinda pose hor!

    thanks girl!!really thru this chances ge to noe more abt you!!! hehe..:D really glad that u love it will make the last changes on this weekend alright?

    cryst: hahha..price cant review here wor darl!sorry ya!but please mail me for price quoting k!! personal blog will be cheaper!!hehhe..yeah!! he is back in lest than 2 weeks time!! haha..will try not to post so much later no ppl wanna come kiminpink d!

    oh ya which stripes??its actually a dress darl! u haven't c the picha already say want ar!so cute!


  3. wow! i like the site u design for the vintage site!damn nice wei! ur brother really look diff hor!

    yeah for u ur ney coming back soon!


  4. ok lo! mah the same not much changes on me not like u!u keep on changing from time to time! hhaa, dun blame me if i can recognize u in the street ya! ur bf went india for work or wht?


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