Big head

since im thinner now compare to 2 year ago
but i realize this vy big problem on me few month back
my body is thinner *happy*
but but but my head and my face is still that big!
so now im looking cacatly big head with small body
i think if i grow thinner and thinner, my body will not be able to support my big heavy head
oh my that why my neck got problem and painful always ler..oh no oh ar
haha…ya im siao like tat!
but really lar!i have a big head!
i even Google for human body proportion and scale
cant really find an exact answer of it..or u tell me do my head look that big

Bangsar shopping trip!
love this cute toga dress from tea & sympathy, gold studded clincher, f21 cluth, trendreports heel, assorted bracelet.
actually plan to wear it to airport..but i cannot tahan already lar..
some more if the flight happen to be 6am? i have to wake at 4 to get ready and dress up like this to airport?
my sombong face with our buy..i only brought one pretty dress..
my sister brought the poem!
my partner in crime
her leg look so long hor! but face problem in this pic!hahha

sunday..a sudden decide to lapsap junkyard sales at palatte palatte
again with my partner!!she is the who drag me out from my lazy sunday
and met naomi!
ya it not the 1st time i met her but i’ve been loving her creation this while
admire her style!!im a little fan of her now..haha
she is so friendly and pretty..didn’t manage to dig anything from her
coz im late already!!hers are always the hot stuff for girls to grab!
then we head to toilet..haha
for testing a pant from vintage biri-biri
the owner also a vy nice and pretty girls who ask me to try one the pant b4 buy
to avoid regret, Thanks God i din waste the money coz its really din fit well on me
outfit of the day
f21 acid washed tee, f21 studded belt, q-loshopy peplum mini, b & w friendship shoe, f21 clutch and bracelet…
then we head to pavilion for dessert and some shopping
the loft..dun really love it coz too creamy for me!
haha..steal sister bag for illustration purpose..
c this pic!!!my head really big right???
and i always bent my head when taking pic…maybe because my head is too heavy!!haha..
i dunno y im so black and white recently..
noe wht i set this whole week..i wear only black and white to work!!!
im boring like tat!!haha…

so how? do u think my head is bigger than it should be?
p.s: may God bless ccf mission trip in Kampar!!!i miss mission trip…always a spiritual power station for me! wanted to join…but work is pulling me back…

14 thoughts on “Big head

  1. i like that marc jacob bag! and oh, that t&s dress! and heart their poem's collection too, but din buy any cos its not my style.. 😦

    anyway, bijou bazaar this weekend! 😀


  2. hey! The f21 tee is actually called a burnout tee. And I have one too! Its so pretty eh! 🙂

    Btw I have the f21 belt too! But its so big! How did you manage I make it fit to your waist?


  3. wei u always realise this and that ar!haha its not true can! ur body scale is ok!mayb because of ur hair at this lenght with bit pom! love the toilet shoot haha!so unintentional beauty!


  4. sasha: ya meh!! even my friend say that too asking me to eat more to grow fatter to look proportional…come come and join…haha..:D

    cryst: yaya i love that too..gonna steal it from my sista!haha yayay that's y i din buy too..but my sister so in love with it!! but i love the cutting and the quality lar!!

    oh ya hor!! thanks for telling darl!! planning to go..u goi??

    jess: hello girl! oh ic thanks for telling ya!!

    ya mine is too big too but i ask my personal tailor aka my mum to sew it for me!

    ashley:hahah..if not wht ealse to blog other than wht i realise gv me inspiration k! yalo like just come out from the toilet and get shoot!haha


  5. jess: you're welcome darl!!will post how i sew it whenever i took a pic of it k??thanks for visiting me darl! really nice to meet you!!!


  6. wah u suddenly pop out lotsa partner in shopping hor!me jealous!haha~suppose to be ur ney jealous hor!anyhow ur sista have grow a lot ler! prettier!must be u influencing her!haha!i love the dress~sell it to me!


  7. yinle:haha..suddenly hor!!thanks to my sister and friends!! acc me when im lonely! not like u..hahha
    yalo now she buy more than me d!!!

    jess: sure!!gonna do one post about how those of my stuff which are oversize fit me!! but be patient ya!! am busy recently!!*sob*

    hahah…ya “meet”…


  8. OMG!!! i m so in love wit tat dress!!!! u r a supergal!!!! how much u bought tis dress? n u use to see Naomi often too?at her shop? or went out before? hehe *lolzz kepo lo me!*ha between, u really get STUDDED!! ha! i love stud too! but its not my style~ i know i should try, n ive tried…dont know y…maybe i cant accept them on me but love to see others wit it~ ha like Jing, she use to look super gorgeous on stud too! wow! u 2 fashionista! *envy la!ha*
    oopss, i din write in mandarin too~ hahah
    jz depends on our mood la! ha~ we r flexible de rite? *wink*


  9. yeah yeah I will definitely wait for it patiently! :DI appreciate you doing it! 🙂
    btw wanna ask you, dyo knw which hotel to stay in bangkok?? Which is reasonably price…and good? (not a 5 star hotel tho…)


  10. sherlyn:er..kinda forget the price d..70 to 80 smth i think…no no normally i go her shop either her mum or the sa i meet her not more than 5 only! but im a fan of her!!love all her creation!!hehe ya i love studded so much!!! when i dun feel like girly then ill go for studded!!heheh…jing is way more fashion than me!!! hope to be like her too!!! but u too girl!! u're doi vy great job in dressing up!!!yaya let's do it flexible!!! gambateh girl! hugz

    jess: thanks darl, how sweet of you!!er..mayb u can mail me send you a link of a hotel i stayed last time k???


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